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Owen Wednesday #4: Football Edition

You know how when you have a girl, everyone gives you pink princess clothes? Well, when you have a boy, they give you football clothes. So here is Owen in his Local Sports Team finery, courtesy of my brother.

Now, I know this is my kid, but seriously, that third picture? Couldn't you just cram him entirely into your mouth?

Also, sweet lord but can you see how blue his eyes are? If those suckers don't change I am going to be beating the girls off this kid with a stick.

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I love that belly of his...and those eyes...lets hope they stay blue.

I don't know if it's my browser or what, but not only do his eyes look VERY blue, but his hair looks a bit reddish too.

He is tall! Wow. What a handsome little fellow you have!

Not only is he completely delicious looking, but wow is he alert. He can't stop watching you, even if it means twisting his whole head around just to keep eye contact.

I think you are going to beating those girls off even if his eyes don't remain blue.

His hair looks red to me too.

Oh my, how adorable is he!!! So delicious! I am so glad he is easy-going. Sounds like all is well over there. :)

Oh my, how adorable is he!!! So delicious! I am so glad he is easy-going. Sounds like all is well over there. :)

Love the spiky hair and those eyes are TOO die for!

That looks like one seriously comfy bouncy/vibrating chair! Oh and Owen looks cute too!

I love how his hair sticks up!

Yes, I believe I could eat him up in that third photo. Sweet.

I would like a little nibble, please.

I can't get over how much Owen looks like Mia, and at the same time how much different he looks than Mia. And I've never even met these children in person. Now I'm sounding all stalker-y, so I'll just say - so cute!

He is adorable. I love his eyes! I just can't get over how huge he is! I mean really, before you know it he will be taller than his big sister!
I love how he looking at you in the last two pictures too!

Yes. I could most definitely gobble him up in one bite - he is too cute!

whoa... the blue eyes! you could beat me off with a stick for eyes like those

*oh and we like the owen wednesday's :)*

the eyes! the eyes!
also..he's so light-haired. mia was SO dark as a baby!

He is sooooo cute and delicious-looking. My son has similarly intense blue eyes (that stuck around), and I am terrified of the teenage years.

Oh Beth, that tummy! In all the pictures, it's just so so delicious. My boys are too big for tummies like that anymore, I think it's about time for another baby! AHHH!

He sure is a handsome boy! Seriously, you and Chris make beautiful babies!

Yup, that third photo is seriously delicious.

I swear, that papasan chair is like baby heroin. I quite nearly wept when our boy outgrew it. I notice you also have taken off the annoying little rabbit hangy thing.

Beautiful boy.

gorgeous baby blues! he's adorable. :)

In the last picture he looks SO much like baby Mia! He's just lovely.

OMG look at that belly! You grow good babies, mama. I could very easily gobble him up, the big juicy thing he is!

*chomp* I will be done in just *nibble* one minute here...*snarf* don't mind me... ;-)
He's totally adorable, of course.

Well of course I want to gobble him up! (silly, silly woman....)

I think it's the fourth picture in which he looks the most like a delicious hors d'oeuvre.

I'm diggin' his reddish-colored hair!

It's a good thing he is cute...I can't believe you put him in those colors! I love the slight turn to see you! He looks so big too! What a sweetie.

His eyes were the first thing I noticed here too. He's such a little squirmy cutie-pie.

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. He's delicious.

YES! I LOVE roly poly babies!

When my bf had her son she rec'd football EVERYTHING and then? The Vick scandal! There went half his wardrobe!

Why yes, I could take a few bites...although it's the 4th picture that I would like to make a snack of.

Awww, I love him! I cannot believe he is only a month old! He is an enormous, alert, nom-nom-able, edible little monster!

He is fabulous! He looks so squishy and cuddly.

wow. and he has impecable taste - i had a redskins jacket as a kid and I thought I was just the bee's knees. (I should explain I live in the south of the uk and in those days hadn't even heard of american football.)

What he looks like is a kid that could use some Bucs hand-me-downs.

I'll be right over.

he's not my kid, but that third picture got me, too. even before you mentioned it. gah! too precious. i want another one now.

All three of my boys have eyes like that, so I think I'm in really big trouble! But hey, the baby girl has them too...does Owen need a girlfriend? 'Cause then we could betrothe them and wouldn't have to worry about the beating off of others ;)

But seriously, yes, I could eat him with a spoon!

Yes! He's tooooo sweet. What a tummy. He is big! So different from little girls....

Oooh! So delicious! I'm guessing those eyes will stay.

His hair does look kind of red! And his eyes are gorgeous.

Does he like sitting in the chair? Lisa will only sit in hers for like 3 minutes.

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