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Owen Wednesday #5: Sleeps Like a Baby Edition

What can I say? The kid sleeps a lot.

(Those interested may compare to Mia at roughly the same age here.)

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Ohhhhh- you don't mind if I just take a little internet nibble on those cheeks?? do you?? He's so snuggly and sweet looking!!
I can't wait for mine to get here!! (well I can but you know)

Oh.... to sleep like a baby. And to be so cute!

How can you stand to not kiss him untill he wakes up? Eventually he'd get use to all the kissin and sleep right through it...not that I'm talking from experience here. ;) He is adorable~!

Awwww...too sweet!

Oh he is just so squishy and cute! How do you not bite him all day?

Aww...he looks so much like Mia in that second picture!

I agree with Mary. The first thing I thought when I saw the second picture was how much he looks like Mia. Absofreakinglutely adorable!

I can smell his head from here. Mmmmmm... delicious baby.


The second picture is DARLING.

Warms my cold, brittle little heart.

You are making my ovaries hurt! I love the chubby knuckles!

Did you hear that? My biological clock just ticked. Damnit.

And I had to do a double take... the second picture looks JUST LIKE Mia!

i finally see the (utter, uncanny) resemblance to mia that everyone's been commenting about. wow. looking at that second image, i don't know how i missed it before! it's the cheeks. and the mouth. and oh, my, speaking of mouths, he is just plain scrumptious. deeLISH.

Oh my goodness! He is just adorable! Nibble, nibble, nibble on those cheeks!

To paraphrase Paula Abdul (no, I can't believe it either), I want to hug him and squish him and hang him from my rearview mirror. *cootchie coo*

Squish! He's just so adorable and precious and baby-like! ;-)

OMG. Just gorgeous. Sorry, I just chomped his cheeks. Couldn't resist.

My God, it's so funny to see Mia so little!!

You know what I want for Christmas? To sleep like that.

Oh, that second picture is just so beautiful! When babies are sleeping they are extra loved.

I just found out that my 2nd baby, due in August, will be a BOY! I'm so excited. My 18 mo old little bear is a girl and she can't stop talking about the "Baby BOY! Baby BOY!". :)

How? How do you get through each day without eating him up? Those cheeks!

He's adorable.

Mia and Owen are really just the same baby. There is NO DIFFERENCE in those photos of them at the same age. Unbelievable.

oh what a sweet little squish!

The way babies look when they sleep makes my heart ache. That's when you look at them and think you are the luckiest person in the world.

He is bigger than she is! The cheeks! Smoosh!

You can totally tell what he will look like when he is three from those pictures. He will look just like Mia, only boy, and bigger. And hopefully with shorter hair.

Oh my goodness, I just want to bite his cheeks! He is so adorable. And Owen and Mia look identical in the 2nd pics!

aw. smoosh.

OMG, everyone else took my comment about how much the kids look alike, especially in the second picture. I love how Mia gets Mondays and Owen gets Wednesdays. So special!

You have beautiful children!

He is just a piece of heaven!

I would like to eat that nose with a little butter and some paprika.

Squish! Those cheeks are just about the snuggliest thing I have ever seen (outside the nursery in my own house, of course).

Seriously that is just the CUTEST face in the world, and the urge to kiss those chubby little cheeks is doing nothing for my current decision to have no baby in the near future. =)

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