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Owen Wednesday #6: Owen Loves Mia Edition

Actually, Owen loves the ceiling fan. Mia kept blocking his view.

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cute :)
sibling snuggles on a bed - super cute!

That third photo is a total keeper!

Ceiling fan or not, that 3rd picture is a keeper!
Such cuteness.

Oh my goodness! The Buddha belly!

Oh Beth, all this cuteness! I cannot believe how big Owen is! And there is Mia, looking as lovely and dainty as always!

The chubby baby belly is making my uterus hurt.

Hot damn, that kid's got a good belly button.

Oh man! I just want to munch on him. What a little apple dumpling he is! nom nom nom

Oh, and Mia? SQUISH.

I forgot how much I miss those cute Pampers newborn size. And the cubby newborn legs and round newborn belly. So cute.

Mom! She's touching me!!

Can I just say how impressed I am that your bed is made? Wow.

Save these. You can break them out when they're old enough to beat the ever-lovin' shit out of each other.

Mia looks like she's so gentle when she's lovin' up on him. My toddler smothers the baby. Like literally body-slam smothering. And yet baby doesn't mind. Go figure.

Surely she'll mind in a couple of years, right?

Sometimes I believed that Marguerite loved the ceiling fan more than she loved me but was thankful that at least it kept her quiet and occupied.

Absolutely adorable!! I cannot believe how big Mia is getting! Of course, it doesn't look like it will be too long before Owen passes her in weight, if not height. ;-)

Wow, look at the belly on that boy! You're like, a breast-feeding machine :P
Ah so adorable, though really :)

You've got some seriously photogenic kids. Absolutely adorable!

So, how many little nibbles do you take each day from those sweet children...better than ice cream, huh?!

Aww she just wants to hug him. Too cute.

I love the random things that get babies' attention. For my oldest nephew it was fans and the moon.

I can't believe two things: your bed is made and how big your newborn is!

I love the third picture - they are so adorable :)

They are precious together!

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