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Fair warning

Dear men who plan to someday have children,

There will come a time in your life when your wife says "hey, you want to try a little bondage?" and this is what she will mean:

Never say we didn't warn you.

(Owen is in there somewhere, I assure you.)

P.S. Before you get all mushy about how wonderful my husband is, please be advised that 1) that is true, and 2) he wore the kid for 30 minutes so I could make dinner and I wore the kid for 11 hours straight and had abdominal surgery three weeks ago. Also 3) it was totally hilarious watching him try to get something off the bottom shelf in the fridge.

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woohoo! am first!

I am totally rolling over here! That's really a great look for Chris!

and big gold stars to you for wearing the kid forever despite being sliced open just a few short weeks ago!!

How does he breathe in there?

There's a baby in there? Are you sure?

Impressive origami!

That is awesome. My husband will babywear when I ask him to, but he usually doesn't just think to do it on his own. Is that a Moby Wrap?

If you hadn't pointed out that Owen was in there somewhere, I don't know whether I would have known what I was looking at...

I have a fabulous picture of my husband carrying Raegan in a pouch sling during our vacation in Boston. Sometimes they do have to take over when you've been carrying them forever.

*GASP* Is that a messy coffee table in the background?!?

Oh, Beth. You've really let the place go.

Hmm that is kind of like those pregnancy outfits so men can see what it is like to be pregnant. I like it. Maybe I should get a sling early and fill it up with 10 lbs of sand and make my husband walk around like that all day... Maybe he will be more SENSITIVE to my pregnant self & my nasty mood swings...

That's hot!!! But it's the least he could do, right?!?!

LOL! Took me a little while to figure out what you were talking about when you said, "wore the kid"! Too funny!

Bondage indeed! That is great!

Don't forget that you also "wore" that kid for 9 months PREVIOUS to the abdominal surgery.

A) adorable
B) What sling is that, where can I get it?
C) Is it difficult to put on?

Well it's about time he started lugging the child around! After all, you did it for 9 months! LOL
Thanks for the Friday morning smile!

You think that's funny, OUR moby wrap is lavendar. You should see me in it - I look like I am a straight guy trying to appear in the gay pride parade or something.

Oh, and I must say, the wrap looks expertly tied. My attempts usually come off looking (and feeling) like a third grader put it on. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the Moby wrap.

That's a purdy baby shirt.

There is nothing more sexy than a baby wearing man.

That's so HOTT!!! Hahahaha!!!


I've not seen that type of thing before. Do you really wear him all damn day? Beside the obvious cuddly nature of it... why? The couple of hours at a time that he sleeps seems like the perfect time to detach.

I never would have guessed there was a baby in there.

I thought Chris was cross dressing again.

So cute! My husband was skeptical about babywearing until he first saw me with The Boy in a pouch when he was about 5 days old. His response? "Not fair! You get to hold him all day! Give me that!" He wore him all the time, which then made his friends and brothers jealous, so now we have pictures of our friend Dan opening his birthday presents with The Boy in the pouch, Jer cooking dinner with the pouch, etc. Now we have a Moby and my husband proudly marches around downtown with the baby tied to him. I love it!

I don't get it. Why do you have to carry him all day? Doesn't he have a bassinet or crib to sleep in while your trying to work around the house, or is this a another hippy thing that only vegatarian, breastfeeding, stay at home moms do? just curious?

LOVE IT....I love wearing my totally rocks...and I am NOT at all a vegetarian or stay at home mom.....

**happily giggling**

I wish we would have had these. The Hubby so would have done this and it would have helped with our Little Dude, who craved constant closeness...

Make him do laundry like that next time.

Hi, I have the same question as alfredsmom,

What sling is that, where can I get it?

It looks very comfortable.

Awesome! I have a similar picture around our house. Although my husband admits that is is super comfy... and used it A LOT at home... he always wore the baby bjorn out since it looked more manly.

yes! that is the pea pod wrap, no?

LOVE. best baby product ever. ok, after the diaper.

Definitely you win the Wonderfullness contest. But he wins for Silliest-Looking.

Yes...what sling is that? A must have!

Way to go Chris!

ok, slightly confused why people are asking why bother babywearing...

as a mother of five who gratefully discovered a descent sling (sling easy) at baby number two, I have slung my children so I can get on (gently) with my life with a content happy awake/asleep/feeding baby, not be rushing around stressed out with a screaming baby in a cot/whatever and my hormones going up the creek.

I have discovered I can do pretty much anything with a newborn in a sling, up to and including cooking and going to the toilet. The only thing that is slightly tricky is cleaning the bath, due to all the bending over.

none of our children have had sleep problems, they all go to bed happily - even the sixmonth old - in their own beds 97% of the time :)

Really, really cute picture.

Are you sure he's in there? Oh my goodness, sweet little Owen.

Also, ELEVEN HOURS? You win! :-)

That's matter what the twins are....we're naming them Kris and Chris!!

Can we get one of those Fathead posters of Chris to put up in the nursery?

Several people have said this looks like the Moby. Is it? Which one? I think there are a couple of them. Do you love it? I need a good wrap for this next bambino. I used a sling w/ the first and that was good when she was really little but as soon as she was more aware she hated it.

Also? What the hell is Christine's problem? Judge much, Christine? Geez.

That is an awesome look for him ;-)
And I love Joceline's stories.

What Chris is wearing does LOOK like the Moby Wrap- I just wanted to mention this info in case it is helpful to anyone-

When my daughter was born last August my husband was unemployed, so our budget was tight- I was interested in getting a Moby Wrap, but I realized that it's really just a long piece of cloth, and that the instructions for how to tie it and put the baby in are online, at I went to Walmart and bought 6 yards of stretchy fabric for $6, cut it lengthwise up the middle to make two slings, and followed the online instructions. It worked fabulously!! I used it constantly for the first several months with my baby. It is *extremely* comfortable- I found it MUCH more comfy than the Baby Bjorn I tried on. People used to approach me in stores all the time to ask what kind of sling I had, saying how comfortable it looked. Also, it fits in a diaper bag and machine washes easily. Certainly the wraps on the website are very pretty and $40-$50 isn't THAT much to spend on a sling, but if you budget is *very* tight like mine, consider making your own. If anyone wants more info you can email me at nebula2411 at yahoo dot com.

And, congratulations, Beth, on your beautiful family. :-) Thanks for giving me hope that if I can manage one, I can manage two.

I'm totally glossing over the entire point of this post and coming to say that I LOVE YOUR FURNITURE.

Although. I wish I could have seen Chris trying to maneuver to the bottom shelf :)

If you hadn't mentioned Owen, I would have thought Mia had Crhis playing dress up. :-)

I looked at the pic before reading and wondered why Chris was wearing an old school ballet sweater!? LOL!!!

You should have taken a pic of him in the fridge!

AAAHhh!!! You got the Moby! Do you LOVE it??? I'm so glad you took my suggestion!

A Moby Wrap! Our moby wrap has literally saved our lives over here with number two. I mean, I held my son constantly but my daughter is literally attached to me 24/7.

Literally. It keeps her out of harm's (her brother's!) way.

gotta love a babywearing man. looks like a moby ;-)

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