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Sometimes, trying to think of a title is the hardest part of my day. Is that sad? That's sad, right?

OMG! I CANNOT BELIEVE I forgot to tell you that last Thursday, someone cleaned my house! Someone other than me, obviously, because "last Thursday I cleaned my own house" would be a really boring piece of news to share with the internet. Not that the news of someone else cleaning my house is all that exciting... for you, but it is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in months. Well ok, I guess the second most exciting thing, after the birth of my child (who is currently strapped to my chest, where he has been basically non-stop since 1:00 this morning, but I cannot complain as he continues to be the World's Most Perfect Newborn). And! And! She is coming back to do it again next week! And then a couple more times after that! Man, sometimes life is just really, really good, you know?

Oh, and I'm wearing real clothes today. I dug out a pair of fat pants I bought when I was pregnant with Mia and didn't need maternity clothes until the third trimester as opposed to this time when I was in maternity pants at roughly four minutes pregnant, and am wearing them with a non-maternity shirt (and a nursing tank top, but whatever) and I have to say that you were all right. Wearing real clothes is the way to go, even if you are somewhat horrified by the number on the tag. So, I ordered some jeans (cause right, I'm taking these kids to the mall) and am hoping one of the six pairs will fit since I have no idea what size I am right now and even though I know the size of the pants I am currently wearing I have no idea how that will correspond to the size of any other pants on the face of the planet and also I am stumpy as all get out and can never never no never find jeans short enough to fit my wee little legs (am 5'6" and all torso - like seriously, you could serve dinner for eight on my stomach) so chances are I will return all six pairs and sink into a deep depression, but at least I tried.

And clearly, this will come back to bite me in the ass, but I still feel I have to document just how hard I am rocking this mother of two thing. I was terrified, convinced I would never be able to do it and would just sit in the corner all day and weep at the futility of it all, but dudes, I am so good at this. It just... clicks for me, somehow. In fact, I've been thinking we should have a few more, and the sooner the better.

(I haven't really been thinking that, I just wanted to flip my husband out. Hee. Sorry honey.)

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Saying that would SOOO not flip my husband out. I'd be the one who flipped out because he'd be all, "Wow honey that's great," and not understand why I collapsed into a puddle of tears. Of course with us, by the time these guys pop out of me in the next couple of weeks, we already have twice as many kids as you. And I'm so NOT rocking bed rest.

Oh. this is gonna be good.

*grabs popcorn*

Oh geez... well now you've got me thinking about going out on a couple's date and eating sushi off of some asian girl's torso.

C'mon! You too, right? Right?!

Hmmmm, serving dinner off of your stomach...

Yep, this confirms it. You are a much better woman than I. Besides, anyhing on my stomach would probably only serve to decrease appetite...yikes!

And I'm so glad to hear that experiences so far have exceeded all your expectations - may the streak continue!

Nice! I'm so happy for you - wearing real clothes certainly is a big mood lifter. I'm happy to hear that you're rockin' the mommy thing - I on the other hand, as much as I love my girls, am not rockin' the SAHM thing - I can't wiat to go back to work 'cause I enjoy my girls that much more!

I had no doubt, not for one minute, that you would be amazing.

One I grow up, I want to be you. And I'm not kidding.

I had myself convinced life was 2 was going to be utter chaos.

5 weeks into it and I don't think we're doing so bad!1

Just one girl did the whole house?

Ok, what company or is this a private lady?

I have been hemhawing around about getting a new company to come out and give me a quote. This is the beginning of baseball season and once the snow melts (in TX) our lives are going to swing into fast forward. When our lives are in FFW I do.not have time to clean house, do laundry, cook real food, and hold down by 45hour a week job. So bring on the housecleaning lady!

Oh and fabulous job on getting those jeans. Dont look at the number just find a comfortable pair and make sure you bend down to pick something up off the floor while they are on before you decide which pair.

You sound awesome, Beth! Isn't it great not to be pregnant! And, even greater to have TWO adorable little bunnies by your side all day!? Nice.... (crazy hectic around THESE parts -- but, still nice!)

Oh I would love to have someone come in and clean for me. Come to think of it, I would like to have someone clean, and organize my house. Now that would be nice!

Hiring someone to clean would probably have saved my marriage. So, good call.

Careful! You don't want to give him any excuses for delaying V-day. :)

Yay for real clothes and double YAY for the housecleaner. I warn you, they are totally addicted. We started having a housecleaner twice a month when Zoe was born and somehow we keep finding the space in our budget for her. I CANNOT let her go. I can run a vacuum now and then but I haven't dusted in.... how old is Zoe now???

Will you be teaching classes on this mom thing? Please?

I have the exact opposite problem with clothing that you do. If a shirt is short-sleeved, I can wear a petite...but I am 5'7" and have a 36" inseam...yep over 1/2 my height is in my legs. I can't buy pants off the rack. I'd love for them to be too long, I could fix that, but after about 7 or 8, adding lace to the bottom of your pants is no longer stylish. :-)

Good job with being the Mom of 2! You are doing great!!

I've got a long torso, too. Despite the Air Force physician who did my physical (I applied to the Academy once upon a time) thinking he measured my seated height wrong, I only recently truly accepted this. I used to just complain "I'm average! How can my jeans be too long?" It took dressing my toddler to make me realize this. Isn't that interesting? But, I'm not too skewed, so "short" or "ankle" length are a skosh too short. Gah. I have no solution. Just commiserating. :-D

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