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To fat pants or not to fat pants

I have, oh, let's just call it 20 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose. That's rounding up just a bit, but who doesn't like to be 2 pounds under their "normal" weight. (And ok, so really I would rather lose 25 pounds, but can assure you that I don't have the willpower to do it.) But I'm not in any real rush. I'm still within the "ideal" weight range and body mass index and all that stuff by most calculations, I think I look just fine, thank you very much, provided that I am fully clothed. (And obviously, the only person who will be seeing me naked in Chris and he has recently witnessed a series of such horrifying things in relation to my body that I am presuming "somewhat chubby" will be a welcome relief from "sliced open" or "gushing blood.") Admittedly, I could stand to back off the ice cream and cookie habit acquired during my pregnancy, and I will start trying to fit in a few days a week of real exercise once my OB gets over herself and clears me for it, but I have no intention of embarking an any sort of actual diet in the near future because I think dieting in the early weeks of breastfeeding is just setting yourself up for problems.

I am coming to terms with the likelihood that this extra weight will not just disappear the way it did with Mia and that I may be clinging to at least a portion of these extra 20 pounds for some time to come. And I'm cool with that, except for one thing. If I don't get out of maternity pants I am going to vomit.

I've avoided buying fat pants on the theory that hey, I'm just going to lose this weight so why waste the money, but I don't think I can abide the elastic waist bands for much longer. Also, the maternity pants require that I keep wearing the maternity shirts since they are the only ones long enough to hide the maternity-ness of my pants, and the maternity shirts are, thankfully, starting to look ridiculous.

So, I need new pants. Maybe. I really hate spending money on something I hope like hell to not need in a couple of months, it just breaks my little cheapskate heart. What did you guys do? Tough it out in maternity clothes until your old clothes fit? Embark on a totally depressing shopping expedition for fat pants? Wait until the easy part was over and you knew how much of it you were going to have to work for? Mu-mus? (Also, any recommendations on where to get inexpensive jeans that won't expose your ass to the other mommies at playgroup?)

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Ooh, great topic since I'll be in your situation in just a few short weeks! But wait, I'm the first to comment so I guess I'll need to come back! I will say that after my second daughter was born, I bought a couple pairs of yoga-ish, bordering on sweat pants that I could wear non-maternity tops with and still be comfortable in since they were stretchy. I, too, hate spending the money on stuff I'm hoping to not fit into for very long. Lucky for me I didn't have to shop for 'work clothes' or I would have needed to succomb to the next size up. Just being able to wear some more fitted non-maternity stuff felt so good to me even though I wasn't winning any fashion awards. The good thing about needing some new things now is that you should be able to get some good deals since the spring/summer stuff is already out.

Three words: Target clearance rack.

I have a great solution for you which completely sidesteps having to shop in a less than ideal size:
host a clothing swap. I did recently and got a whole wardrobe of pants I would never buy in that size but fit perfectly.

Get just one pair of pants that fit you right now. It feels so good to wear something that fits. And I just started reading your blog a couple months ago and got to go back and read the holey jeans story. I was laughing. At the office. Loudly. Very loudly.

I couldn't stand the thought of another second in maternity pants, but my pre-preggo pants were still too snug to wear, so I went and got one pair of jeans in the next size up from Old Navy (on sale, CHEAP). That way, I could at least feel like a normal person when leaving the house. The rest of the time: yoga pants all the way.

Mom Jeans? :P

Would one pair of fat jeans and fat khakis be enough? If so, go for it. Need 4 pair? Buy a mu-mu and stay inside with the ice cream like Jabba does.

I agree about the yoga pants. Hell, I live in them even when I'm not pregnant or post-partum. But I realize the need for non-yoga pants also. After I had my daughter, I bought ONE pair of pants. I wanted jeans, but realized they may not be able to worn everywhere I'd need to go. So I broke down and bought khakis. I hate khakis (for me, not in general). One pair. I did lots of laundry, but, hey, with a new baby, I was doing a ton anyway.

By the way, I love the holy ass jeans the duck was sporting. I think we've all had fashion oops like that! But it's always nice to see it happen to someone else! ;)

I am all about one pair of kahki's and jeans- Target baby! Good deals, somewhat in fashion, and able to withstand the one million trips throught the washer :)

I second the Target and Old Navy clearance rack ideas.

After Z was born, I bought two pairs of pants that fit reasonably well. One had a zipper and the other had a drawstring but wasn't too workout-y. BONUS. They each cost me $10 or so I think, from Target. I wore them most days for about the two months it took to get from maternity wear to loose-normal wear.


I agree with others Target and would like to add Old Navy too.

I had to run the spectrum of sizes so I bought a lot at these places. I never "technically" lost all of my pre-baby weight. I also never really tried very hard so woe is me, you know?

I also bought some comfy yoga type pants right off the bat and those rocked when I was home a lot more with the newborn (Old Navy). I still wear those on the weekends because they are SO comfy.

I totally threw my maternity stuff in a box in the garage and refused to put them on because I was SO sick of maternity wear by the time I had my son!!!

Hrm, I've got no suggestions for what to do, sorry. My wife just bagged up 3 large garbage bags of maternity stuff to donate to the salvation army, so that must mean she lasted about 2 months with that stuff.

Oh, and it's funny you bring up ass-exposing jeans. I recently had a traumatizing ass-exposing pants story myself. Except my rip was a little bit larger than yours...(link is safe for work, although the shot of the pillow in the pants is a little risque, if I do say so myself)

It helped me deal with my pp body better, actually, when I went and bought bigger but 'regular' clothes.

Go to target, hit the sale racks if you want to be really cheap. Just get a couple of things.

I wore some maternity pants afterwards that were low waisted, so they didn't have a panel, making the transition to normal just fine. They were cotton with spandex and had elastic in the waist though you couldn't tell, so they didn't hurt the incision and they were comfortable. Those were definitely worth the money. I wore maternity tops with them that didn't really look like maternity tops--empire waists, etc. or just tentish styled t's. I also bought a pair of larger jeans and wore them enough to wear them out until I went down in size. This is not the fun period--I really hated it. I have to say, I also appeared in public in very large t's and leggings even as short a time as five years ago after my second, until the day I ran out to get something from the hardware store and some guy in a mullet looked at me like I was finding him interesting and he wanted nothing to do with it (I was just looking up the aisle for what I was looking for, not at him!) and so I came home and burned that outfit. Oh yeah, and I had a pair of comfy sweats, until my sister put a photo of me in them on her xmas card and I burned them too.

I forgot to say, don't you think it helps your morale so much more when you have at least a few things that you look good in? I think that justifies at least a little shopping!

I did a pair of clearance jeans from Old Navy along with a TON of yoga type pants. When I had to go back to work, I bought 2 pairs of kahki's and one pair of cheap black pants..all on clearance at Target or Old Navy...spent less than 40 bucks all said and done.

I would either go to the clearance racks or go to a thrift store. Some of the time you can totally score and get almost new stuff for super cheap...and who cares if they aren't new if you aren't going to be wearing them for long.

How about going to the salvation army or a thrift store yourself and buying a few gently used pants? I did that with my daughter and was able to get 2 or 3 pairs for about 6 dollars.

Take it from me: Don't buy more than one pair, and get the hell out of them as fast as you can. And absolutely don't get any in a bigger size than you are now.

I don't want to talk about it. ;)

You know what might be a good plan? To find someone who might be able to GIVE you their old post pregnancy pants to wear. What size are you looking for? I'm pretty sure someone has what you need. If you want to email me with what size you need, I might be able to dig up what I wore after my last baby was born and if it is the right size I would totally send it to you. Is that creepy? You can totally get some other bloggers to vouch for the fact that I am not some creepy stalker that will come chop you up or anything. Or some sort of "athletic pants" quotes because you don't need to be athletic while you are wearing them you know. Taking care of a baby and another child is pretty darn athletic if you ask me!

I traded my maternity pants for another friend's fat pants. Hopefully I grow out of the fat pants before she needs them back. I have until August....

A few inexpensive pants and skirts for the postpartum period did a world of good for my self-image. It was so worth it, even though I knew I couldn't wear them forever. Target has some cute skirts on sale right now. Then you can just worry about flashing your crotch.

old navy for jeans. they have a few different cuts and are so reasonably priced that I just adore them for "too over maternity but too big for my real pants" pants.

While I have never been pregnant, I have had substantial weight gain thanks to a thyroid surgery. It makes it hard to lose weight, so I've gone with Old Navy like Chatty Cricket. Reasonably priced, different cuts and styles. Definitely a good deal.

Hit a thrift shop. You can donate your fat pants when you're done with them. Perfect.

Did you wear nursing shirts w/ Mia?

Clearance racks, thrift stores and drawstring cargo pants are what always worked for me.

I thought I'd just tough it out in the maternity clothes until the pre-pregnancy clothes fit, but for a variety of reasons, I caved when The Boy was 2 weeks old. I went to Lucy and bought a pair of cute cargo pants (with a wide elastic waistband that kind of flattened things out). I wore those pretty much every day for about a month, and then I bought two more pairs of pants from the same store that have normal waistbands (zip and snap). They are all lightweight and spit up wipes off of them very easily and they dry quickly. The nice thing is that I've lost a bunch of weight since and they still look and feel good. Also, I now fit into a pair of jeans that were always a little big before. So that's my repertoire pretty much. Lame, but it works and it doesn't look like I'm in sweats, although it feels like it!

Oh I lived in yoga pants forever. And eventually I realized that my body had really changed. I had to go up a size in my pants because skinny or not, those hips weren't gonna get any smaller. Oh well, the kids wee worth it.
Do what feels right. Maybe get a couple pair of jeans or even go to a thrift shop and buy some pants there. Whatever you decide. Be comfortable!

I have to second Target as the cheap place for some fat-pants. With my last baby, I bought a few pairs of shorts for around the house type stuff. Those were cheap enough. I also invested in some yoga pants, workout type pants [think leggings type pants w/o those stupid stirrups] and 2 pairs of jeans. I also found some capri's that were pretty cute and also cheap.

I also bought some of these

Have you ever heard of the bella band? They are awesome! You can wear your pants that are too small for you, unbuttoned with the band overtop and they don't fall down. That way, you could feel like you are out of your mat pants, that I'm sure you are sick and tired of--but still be comfortable!

I was so lucky--a good friend who was always slightly overweight had recently lost like 30 pounds and treated herself to a new wardrobe. She wanted her fat clothes out of her life, so I got them all for free until I trimmed back down. And even better, she was always SO much trendier and more stylish than me!

I have no groundbreaking suggestions for you. Just agreeing with those that suggested Old Navy and Target. All the moms in my play group own the same pair of "fat pants" from Old Navy. Cargos. LOVE them. We wore them after we had our first babies and now that we're ALL pregnant with our second (so strange - SIX of us), they'll be back in rotation this summer/fall! Look for a group of lactating mamas, chasing toddlers with babies in slings/bjorns, all wearing the SAME PANTS! Coming soon to a park near you!

Just to clarify, the toddlers won't be wearing the babies. The mamas will. Unless we can get those little people trained ASAP.

I complained about hating my maternity pants so much after my 2nd son was born that my husband went out and bought me a pair of jeans at Wal-Mart. I loved him so much for that. They are huge on me now, and they fall off. But they were so important to my self-esteem before my regular jeans fit. Also, I have some gaucho pants that I loved during that time, although I don't think they're in style now!

I wore gaucho pants with drawstring waist in the beginning, but, I also DID wear my maternity pants until the Mini was about 4 months, and after that, well, I figured, that's just ridiculous. But it took me a long time to come around to regular pants. Embarrassed? Yeah, but at the same time, I had just had a baby, bought a house, and moved cross country. Something had to give.

Luckily, I have never obeyed the obviously-profit-driven mandate to throw away all your old clothes once you lose weight (as if keeping the larger sizes will cause the weight to coming back on, a la homing pigeon), so I always have fat pants already, and that's what I wear in those weird "first trimester" and "fourth trimester" stages. They're stretchy denim so they neither fall down nor squeeze the poor tum.

This is not helpful to YOU, though, is it, since you are not in possession of my fat-pants wardrobe. If I were you, I would buy pants, but I would not want to try anything on. I would order pants I already knew fit me, in 1-2 sizes larger than usual.

Also, are you (*calculating*) only 3+ weeks postpartum? It is too early to be figuring out what percentage of the weight is your permanent souvenir. There is still hope. Hope and swelling.

At 3 weeks out, I just toughed it out and bought a couple of tops that fit with my maternity pants. But at a couple of months out, it became apparent that I wasn't going to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes yet, so I broke down and bought 3 pairs of pants that fit. Black, blue and tan, and I wore them for 6 months straight. Now, thankfully, they are too big. THANK GOD.

Do whatever makes you feel better, though. That is the important thing! Less than 20 pounds is pretty good, I think!

After my first, I sucked it up and bought the fat pants. It was amazing how much of a real person it made me feel like again. For the second, I didn't have to buy them, because I already had them.

For the third? Sadly the fat pants have just become pants.

I would get new pants, maybe just a couple of pair. Because no matter what their actual size, pants that fit look better on you, and make you feel better.

You deserve new pants. Even if they only last you a few weeks.

Uh, I hope you find a good pair of pants?
(Sometimes as a non-mom I feel rather useless over here :P)

Debating the exact same question. My pregnancy pants are too big, my pre-pregnancy pants too small. Well,except for one and I am currently living in that one.

I plan on rocking the yoga pants for hte next month or two like I did with Georgia - def. NOT maternity, but stretchy, forgiving and black till my jeans, etc. fit. I'm also a much bigger wuss then you about having anything but soft cotton touch my incision for weeks and weeks after it heals so I spend even longer working my way back into my regular clothes.

I would get a couple pairs of cheap jeans and yoga pants so that you feel good when you go out - and that breastfeeding will help. You will be back in your regular pants before you know it! You rock and I love your blog!

Got a few pair of jeans and a few "transitional" shirts too. Just bagged them up this week to donate to good will and yes, it was a waste of money for just the month or two that I wore them, but it felt DAMN GOOD to bag them up and GET RID OF THE FAT CLOTHES!

ooo..inexpensive jeans - "Steve and Barry" if you have any out there. $8.98 and they fit but I have yet to wash them ;/

If you have a Gap outlet store nearby their stretch jeans are great (and stretchy!). Otherwise I tend towards Old Navy clearance racks for the stretchy sorts of pants. I hate elastic waistbands but just can't do normal jeans yet.

Chico's!! Look for their travelers collection.

They have very nice looking pants with elastic in the waist that won't drive you crazy. They look like European dance pants, and I'm very impressed by their look on days when I personally feel chubby. They aren't cheap, but there are often coupons that you can find that make it more OK. Plus, I'm convinced one or two pairs of these will somehow still be ok on all bodies even after you lose the weight.

hope this helps!

Try some consignment shops in your area...maybe you can find a cheaper alternative while you are "in between" sizes.

You're pretty skinny to begin with, so I doubt that you really need fat pants or elastic waistbands at all. Those might be more comfy in short term though, while your c-section is healing. My favs were yoga pants and capris- the kind that have a drawstring and you fold the waist down. Very comfy and they look nice.

I do think you'll drop more weight as you continue to nurse...and you know from Mia that its not overnight. You just had a baby! You probably look a whole lot more fabulous than you think. Maybe after all is said and done you'll just buy size 4 instead of size 2. And that's not really so bad.


Just buy some pants ...

Other than the Target/Old Navy suggestions - Macy's store brand jeans come in several different varieties/colors, but they have some that really do sit juuuust below the waist, but don't ride really low. And they're less than $30..

The only jeans I can wear are American Eagle "Hipster". My butt doesn't hang out, they aren't too short or too long and they fit me just right (plus I can squeeze my ass into a 6).

I, much like you, felt as if I would rip my hair out if I had to endure one more day of maternity pants.

So, to mirror what many have said above. I got my girlfriends together and we all traded jeans. Some were just newly pregnant - so they got the pregnancy pants, some had over 9 months old so they were back in the swing of things and done with the 'fatter' pants. So we all switched around and it really worked.

Oh - and I also went to old navy and shelled out the 20 bucks for the clearance rack size 12's that we shall never speak of again. I wore them for a good couple of months and they have been packed away with the maternity clothes for the next time I need 'real' jeans after baby birthing.

I say love your body for what it is and what it has given you. Go buy yourself an expensive and ultra-fabulous pair of pants! Maybe buy two!

I will second/third/fourth/whatever the Target suggestion. I bought a pair of only-slightly-tacky fat jeans there and wore the hell out of them until the weather warmed up and I could switch to cute fat skirts with easily-concealed, elasticized waistbands (also purchased at Target).

My daughter is now two years old. I have lost 47 of the 60 pounds that I gained while pregnant with her. Of course, I planned to lose it all and then some... but my body seems to have other plans. I've put a lot of effort into loving my larger body over the past year... and I've almost convinced myself that I'm 100% OK with it!

I'm sure you'll feel better about the whole thing once you've been cleared for exercise!

I will second/third/fourth/whatever the Target suggestion. I bought a pair of only-slightly-tacky fat jeans there and wore the hell out of them until the weather warmed up and I could switch to cute fat skirts with easily-concealed, elasticized waistbands (also purchased at Target).

My daughter is now two years old. I have lost 47 of the 60 pounds that I gained while pregnant with her. Of course, I planned to lose it all and then some... but my body seems to have other plans. I've put a lot of effort into loving my larger body over the past year... and I've almost convinced myself that I'm 100% OK with it!

I'm sure you'll feel better about the whole thing once you've been cleared for exercise!

consignment shops... or ebay- but I think I've gotten much better deals at the consignment shops, and you can try stuff on before you buy it (and don't have to pay for shipping!)

Well, first off, 20lbs? Probably not much of that is in your lower half. Don't forget you'll be carrying at least a few extra pounds in the boobage department for quite a while -at least til Owen cuts back on at least half of his feedings. So don't be feeling too bad. Also, I think baby weight is why God created yoga pants. I would just buy one or maybe two pair of pants that fits for when you go out -like a pair of jeans and a pair of basic black. Just so you don't feel all frumpy and bumpy when you do get out and about.

Does Chris have clothes? Steal them. Right after my third baby was born (C-Section) I realized just how comfy my husbands boxers were.

I stayed in maternity pants until I went back to work, which was just this week. Give yourself some time, woman!

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