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Weekend Update

Everybody loves random, right?

Thursday night was my turn to put Mia to bed, which I did knowing that Owen was almost certain to wake up while I was so occupied and be famished since it had been nearly four hours since he had eaten. When I finally finished reading stories, singing songs, adding to the amazing saga of Hoppity the Bunny and rubbing Mia's back, I went downstairs to find Chris holding a very grumpy looking baby chomping discontentedly on a pacifier. When he saw me, Owen flipped out - grunting and squirming and looking like if wishing were enough to make it so he would fling himself straight into my arms. Now, I know he was only going for the milk and has no particular affection for me, but I am still thrilled because my baby recognized me.

I went to the doctor yesterday (never get this, it sucks, but if you are going to get it, make sure not to do so while pregnant or nursing because then there isn't a hot damned thing you can do about it) (also, it took me much longer than it should have to find that link because I was thinking of the wrong Latin roots, would it really be so hard for doctors to spell this shit for you? I mean, they must know that everyone is going right home to google it) and I haven't been there in a while and now they have this bizarre checklist that they give you when you check in where you are supposed to indicate the symptoms you are currently experiencing. I cannot for the life of me figure out the value of this process, but I had to wait a while so I read through the list. In the "men's health" section, there was a place to check off "libido" but the "women's health" section was just things like "PMS" and "the vapors." Why is libido an accepted medical issue for men and not for women? Oh right, because we are supposed to just drink a glass of wine and get on with it. I am going to have to switch doctors on the grounds that mine is apparently a sexist asshole.

Mia got into our chosen preschool for next year. Granted, the only entrance requirement for this preschool is "can your mommy write a check?" but there was a lottery and a wait list so we are relieved to have gotten in, especially since it was the only place we applied (shut up, I was hugely pregnant).

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I had something similar after I had my son, but it wasn't on my fingers, it was on the back of my hand near my thumb. That's the closest I could find, the pictures are spot on, I just didn't have it on the ends of my fingers. It was itchy. (that's an understatement) and then it flared up again while I was pregnant again. Putting hand sanitizer on it stopped the itching. I used to sit at my desk and pour it on and blow.. ahhh...

Another reason to hate you. We are wait listed at out first choice, still. But I like where we enrolled and now I am worried what happens if we get into our first choice? Because worrying about something before I have to, I am really good at that.

Oh, and may I ask for professional reasons, did your doctor give you the domestic violence checklist?

Oh, that looks painful! I hope it passes quickly! I had all kinds of crazy things after I gave birth, like horrific and excruciating pains when I went pee. It was AWFUL.

Congrats on Mia's preschool! I know that is a stressful process!

A glass of wine works? I'll remember that.

I HATE HATE HATE the postnatal depression check list. It lists things that you'd never in your right mind admit to - 'serious thoughts of harming the baby or yourself' for example.

After five babies I've got to the point of just going down ticking 'no' for all the negative and 'yes' for all the pluss irrespective of how I actually feel! Which I know is crazy and irrisponsible. And yes, I had (thankfully mild) pnd twice.

Come to think of it, I didn't get a check list at all this time...

So glad Mia got in at the school you wanted for her! We had the same luck with Grace and our first choice, though it's too bad they aren't going to be going to the same school. Maybe it's in the stars for Owen and Kate?

Ouch! Hope it clears up quickly! Glad to hear that Mia got into the "good school" you guys wanted. It's neat that Owen knew you!

Is the good school the church school?

Dishydrosis or however they spelled that sounds awful. What are they going to have you do? If you're like us, ours were nursed for the whole first year and that seems like a long time to suffer with something so uncomfortable. I would give a call to my OB/GYN because they seem to be better versed in what meds are okay when breastfeeding. I sometimes think the General Practice doctors are too overly cautious.

Youch. And I totally would have been going for "dis" and "hydro."

I really, REALLY don't understand why SO MUCH MONEY AND RESEARCH is being thrown at MEN'S lack of libido, but not at women's.

Yick. Looks painful.

And of course only men suffer from libido problems. Of course they do. Sigh.

So ARE you suffering problems with your libido? :P
That skin thing looks painful though, I hope it clears up soon! And that's so sweet about Owen recognizing you, or your breasts. ;)

Hot damn! I totally have that skin condition! It hasn't flared up for awhile, so I haven't worried about it. I did show it to my doctor once-- he didn't give me the name for it. He just said not to worry about it. Harumph.

I tend to get it more when I am stressed.

Wow. Thank you. I feel so much better now, knowing what the hell it is!

So WEIRD! I've had dyshidrotic eczema since I was 17 (so 20 years now, comes and goes). Didn't have a name for it until about 5 years ago (just got the standard: "dermatitis" diagnosis, wow, thanks for the insight docs) but the treatment's always the same - steroid cream (desoximetasone/Topicort). I used it sparingly while pregnant with #1 and of course now she has food allergies which I worry are related so I'm using it VERY VERY sparingly during this pregnancy. But my midwife also told me to try dandelion extract, so I've been taking 20 drops in my Mom to Be tea every day and it's helping keep the itching under control. (Something about dandelion helping cleanse the liver, that skin disorders are liver related...IDK)
Another related disease is pustular psoriasis, which my friend has. Hers went into remission for both her pregnancies but flared so bad after her second she had to stop nursing to get steroid shots.
Hand sanitizer KILLS me, but hot water feels nice (even though it's not good for it). And of course scratching with a wet washcloth, also not recommended but AHHHHH! I did get it on my feet briefly which was the worst, but that went away.
I wish I could offer more advice after dealing with this for 20 years but unfortunately not much has changed.

I totally get that on my fingers and the top of my hand. But only on a particular finger and a certain knucke. And OMG does it itch after a shower or doing the dishes. They gave me some topical steriod cream for it. I think it is stress/nerves induced.

Owen wanted to eat really bad!

Maybe you should have checked Libido under the mens section just to get a reaction from Dr. Pig! :-)

Congrats on the pre-school! Addy was accepted into our second choice (very costly) and we are still waiting for the results of the lottery for our first choice. I feel like I've become one of those cartoon parents that is freaking out over their child's educational future at 3.

That article said dyshidrosis was pretty rare, but add up all the commenters that have it, plus me and you, and it seems more common than they say. I've had it off and on for years, although nobody did anything about it or even diagnosed it until recent years. I actually threatened suicide once to get in to see the doctor and get some oral steroids. I wasn't kidding, either. One can only spend so much time with their hands in the freezer crying, after all!

The good news is that it comes and goes, and lately seems to be more go. I hope yours goes and stays away!

Congratulations on the preschool and on Owen recognizing you!!!!

As for the hand rash / dry skin...I have been using Euciderm for the past 2 months on my psoriasis and it is almost's an over-the-counter moisturizer so should not be bad for Owen.

We're supposed to apply for preschool? We're supposed to SEND THEM TO PRESCHOOL?

Crap. I'll be on the phone all next week now. ;)

wine and get on with it... don't you mean 'whine and get on with it'... ;)

What in holy hell are "the vapors"?

I hope the dys-....thing goes away soon.

ok Beth, eeewwww.

And as for the pre-school, once your in, your golden. Until they hit you up for class parent- and auction co-chair, and donuts for dads,and moms nights out, and the halloween party, and the 'its tuesday may think this old school, buts it not...

Oh my Gosh...I got the EXACT same thing right after I had my daughter (now 3). I kept thinking it would go away on its own so I ignored it. Then it spread. It lingered on for months...finally I went to the Dr to try to get the right medicine - that wasn't that successful. Finally, I went to the right dermatologist who took one look at it and knew exactly what it was, prescribed me some medicine which he told me to apply at least 15 times a day (no joke) and it went away. He was it was induced by stress. It finally did go away.

But when I had my next baby last came back. AHHH! I'm on the medicine again.

Ask about Triamcinolone 0.1% ointment once or twice daily as needed. (I know topical steroids are very minimally absorbed but honestly am not certain if this medicine would be contraindicated while you are nursing).
Also, although it is probably going to seem like putting a piece gauze on a stab wound and calling it a day, plain old vaseline as needed might help some.

Hee hee - that sounds like the same Pre-school that my little girl goes to! I'm getting pretty good with that whole check writing thing!

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