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I've started to get paranoid that the Hotty Pediatrician will some day realize that I spend every visit on the lookout for blog fodder

When I took Owen to his one month doctor visit, the Hotty Pediatrician told me I looked "rested." That's totally code for "hott," right? I mean damn, he may as well have said "wow, your ass looks really great in those fat pants," or "my god, I was so distracted by your milk-induced almost-cleavage that I nearly didn't notice your muffin top," or even "baby, you have to leave your husband and run away with me because he will never appreciate your flabby belly and fat thighs the way I will."

Way to play it cool, Hotty Pediatrician dude.

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Clearly, he wants you. BAD!

it's like you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Yes - he is sooooooo hawt for you! You go girl!

Next step: flowers, chocolate, and original haiku poetry about your beauty. Except the haiku thing is probably more Chris's forte ;)

I just coughed up my Diet Dr. Pepper all over my laptop.

Thank you!

He has the hotts for you. There's no telling what he will do to have you for himself.

Yep, he wants you.

And how come you look rested? I look horrible!

man, I'm still waiting for a hotty ped. pic! lol...

Oh yeah, he's hott for you!

he totally wants you!

the good doctor is going to stumble upon this site one day, then what will you do?

whatever. like you have any muffin top...skinny bitch!

He prolly has a blog in which he writes about the "total MILF who just had a baby and came into the office looking so hot he felt embarrassed just looking at her b/c he couldn't stop wanting to run away with her to an island." He prolly does.

Cleavage is cleavage.

oh he totally wants you.

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