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When multi-tasking goes awry

Item One: The freshly fed newborn

Item Two: The freshly washed and folded laundry

The Goal

The Logical Solution

The Obvious Outcome

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HAHAHA! Sorry about having to do laundry twice, but very funny...

have a great weekend.

Ack! Where's Owen?

ACK! How adorable is he in that basket!?!? I want to eat him up!! So dang cute Beth!

Ohhhhh! I would have picked the obvious solution as well. You poor thing. But, um.. It IS funny!

Whoops.....So not laughing at you....well, maybe just a little :-)
The picture of Owen in that basket makes up for having to rewash the laundry, right?



Oh dear! He looks like he enjoyed being in the laundry basket though.

It works better if you put him in the basket of dirty clothes. At least that's the way I always did it. Hee. Makes me miss those days. Now none of the boys would fit. :(

Don't you think putting him in the washing machine is a little harsh?

I have pics like that framed and hanging in my laundry room. I miss when my kiddos were that small. I WANT A BAAAAAAAAAAABY!

Thankfully, he's still at that age where you can just toss him and the clothes both back into the washer and collectively clean all of the Owen-urp off of everything in one go.

I'm assuming that's what you meant by the last picture.

Looks like you wasted money on a baby carrier when he OBVIOUSLY loves that laundry basket so much!!

I hope you put in extra softener... those babies wrinkle so easily nowadays... ;)

Sorry you had to do laundry 2 times...

awwww....the extra laundry was worth it to get those adorable photos.

Thanks for making me smile today! I'm sorry for your trouble,but it sure did make my day seem a little less bad. :)

Ha! Who didn't see THAT coming... Though by all rights it should've been Owen-DOODY rather than Owen-urp all over the clean laundry!! ;)

Cute! Kickin' washer setup.

How flippin' happy does Owen look to be in that basket?! That grin almost makes up for doing the laundry x2 :-)

I so did not get you had to do laundry twice. I thought you washed Owen.

I've tried that before, and it just never works out as well as I'd like, either.

On the plus side, your washing machine is beautiful. I have laundry envy.

This was sooo cute! He looked so happy in the basket!

Little Dude was such a spitter-upper, that there was no way I would have even attempted your goal.

Seeing that cute little boy in the basket is worth doing the laundry, I think. ;-)

that was too funny!

Yeah, but you still have to hang him out to dry. I tried laying flat to dry, but they are too squirmy for that ;)

I have totally done that before. Except the rewashing. I guess not having stairs helped make for a shorter trip!

My kid is TWO and I still do this. Although, not as easy as I used to.

this is why i love you

Yes, but we love seeing Owen now that he's been sprung and from his Mama's womb!

What an exceptionally funny post. Bummer on the extra laundry. Yay on the ecstatic looking child.

Hahaha oh Beth. Sympathy and hilarity all in one post ;-) He is just so super cute.

How adorable! He looks so happy to be in the laundry basket.

OMG - I've done that too! But, not the double-washing-of-the-load part. Sucky for you. :(

Oh, your pictures make this oh so funny. But if it would have happened to me? Oh, the tears. And the cursing.

That was hilarious. Well done :).

HA! That made my day.

I've done that or something quite similar but you make it a much better story.

The pictures say it all. How did Owen enjoy the washer?

Too funny. He was having fun though.

You can tell I 1. am fried of late, 2. am a dumbarse in general, 3. not had an infant in a while, that I had to read the comments to even figure out what you meant.

I totally feel your pain, but this was so completely funny!!! thanks! :)

I love the look on Owen's face!

Did you take the picture of Owen the laundry basket before the outcome?

I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to put your baby in the washer but your secret is safe with me.

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