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World's most perfect child

When we moved Mia to her big girl bed, we told her not to get out of it on her own, to just call us and we would come get her. And she has never gotten out - until today. Naptime didn't so much happen today, courtesy of Daylight Savings Time, and when I gave up and went to free Mia from the prison of her bed, I found that she had already gotten up.

And cleaned her room.

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Wow. Really? That is pretty impressive.

She is definitely highly advanced. :)

LOL....she is such a doll!

wow, can I hire her? ;)

I'm not buying it.

Why do you lie so much?

Wow - kinda takes away from the fact that she didn't take a nap and got out of bed on her own, huh?

You are clearly doing something right.

Can I borrow her for a while?

Wow, impressive! My mum taught me what 7am looked like on the clock so i wouldn't disturb her too early.

Cleaned her room to your specifications, or simply rearranged the items in her room to hers?

That Mia is one smart cookie.

Now for THAT Lady would be allowed out of her bed any time she wanted. As it stands, the only thing we get out of her prison breaks is pretend stew. Not as good.

You should start a school teaching parents how to train their kids.

And you're still alive to tell us about it? I think I would keel over dead if my son did that! :)

That is TOTALLY unfair. I want a kid that will clean her room! You are fortunate, indeed.

Just... wow.

I'm with Sarah, something seems shady with this story. =0) I wish my kids would just sleep in their own beds period. I don't care if they get out of them when it's time to get up, just let mommy sleep without elbows and knees in my boobs and kidneys. Wow, that was too much yes?

It's difficult to reprimand her for disobeying when she cleaned her room instead of causing mischief, right?

I don't even know what to say!
Yesterday Eric and I had a battle because he told me he hates cleaning. He was sobbing for about a half an hour, all I wanted him to do was put away 1 game in the closet, that was it.

Consider yourself very....very.....lucky.

What a sweet girl! We're lucky too, Tim usually reads for a bit before he gets out of bed (which he started doing like 2 weeks ago).

Having 2 isn't too bad, is it? :)

It would be quite the opposite in my house. WTG Mia!

My kid was just a grouchy beast all day. Sigh...

I wish MrMan would do that.

No effing way. Is she available to babysit my toddler and show her how to clean up??

That is really sweet. I have to tell you though, I think she is lulling you into a false sense of security.
Once you relax a little bit about her getting out of bed on her own you'll find that during nap time she has stolen your car and gone for a joy ride with the neighbor's 19 year old pot head son. Careful. They are tricky at that age. Very tricky.

Enjoy it while you can. My 17 year old can't clean her room to save her life!

I have to giggle, as how do you discipline the breaking of the first rule? My mom always made us do work to make up for things like this, and she put herself to work...

Maybe you could have her start on another room? ;-)

I used to do that! I used to label my toy bins, too. I was obsessive, even then. Kinda hard to be mad at her when she cleans her room, huh?

better than perfect ;)

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