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April, Come She Will

The crab apple tree just outside the bay window is so covered in fat, pink blossoms that it is nearly vulgar - no tree should be so ostentatious. The frogs have returned to our pond, but have yet to be joined by the mosquitoes. Both children are locked in their rooms finally done screaming sleeping peacefully, and I have decided to forgo my naptime date with the treadmill in favor of a pile of M&Ms and maybe some weeding. My nose is slightly pink from spending the past two mornings chasing a pile of kids around local playgrounds and farms and finally giving up and buying them all ice cream so they would sit still for five minutes and give their moms a break. Next week, we hit the zoo. They have ice cream there too.

Mia has developed a terror of all bugs, most especially the carpenter bees in our back yard. I have nearly convinced her that a hat will protect her, but she is still likely to stop in the middle of the back yard, clutch her outgrown sun hat to her head, and scream until I agree to rescue her from the ant she spied climbing a tree ten yards away. The best distractions are her giraffe-print gardening gloves, rake and shovel (her "tools"), which she has used to dig hundreds of holes in my flower beds in the past week. We consider it aerating the soil. She loves to help with the weeding too, although tends to uproot daffodils and azaleas rather than dandelions.

Owen giggles and coos and smiles and is happiest lying in a sunbeam without benefit of pants. He was thrilled to discover his naked toes buried in our far too long grass. He bounces around town with us tucked far into the Moby wrap, emerging only to nurse or be briefly startled by an especially loud cow or angry duck. He grumpily turns his face from the too-bright sun, but turns it into the breeze whenever he can.

One of the things my children have given me is the opportunity to enjoy Spring.

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yeeeha, I get to comment first! I feel like I've joined some kind of exclusive club!

'locked in their rooms finally done screaming'
yup. we're at that stage here, too.

and here in temperate sunny south east england, the weather is so crap we had have the heating back on today - during the day time :(

no pants and grass are just dizzy memories from my far off teenage years...

Spring through their eyes sounds wonderful. We should all do that.

I have never loved Spring as much as I have since Lady and Mister came into the picture. It's such a happy time of renewal and peace. I think we're all in better moods these days, just thanks to the sunshine.

Tell Mia to give Lady a call and they can commiserate over the horror of bugs. We have recently witnessed a tiny ant parade in and around our house, and I swear we though Lady was going to have a mental breakdown the other night when one turned up on her sleeve. I've tried to convince her that ants are simply happy little fellows off in search of a few buddies and an impromptu picnic, but she doesn't believe me.

I hate bugs too and although not so terrified I do detest the little bugger and have been known to run screaming up the stairs from my basement and the spiders that find their way in!

It sounds completely wonderful :-)

My parents tell the story of the day when I was about 3 and was outside playing on my slide. I climbed up to the top, and then started screaming bloody murder and occasionally yelling bug. Even the neighbors came running out to see what was about to attack me. It was an ant. One tiny black ant. Mia is not alone.

I just want to thank you in advance for the fact that I will have this song stuck in my head for at least 72 hours.

This is lovely. Gardening gloves ("glubs" in our house) do wonders, don't they? They keep us all focused for so much longer -- at least long enough for me to do a little raking.

I love the spring, and the warm but not to hot weather and being outside in it. Sadly spring has not come to my part of the world as we got snow today!

ain't nothing dull about that, my friend.

Oh god Beth, Madeline has just TODAY began a fear of bugs. She was standing,looking out the front door today and started to scream bloody murder...I thought she had been bitten by something, or maybe her leg was severed, but no. She saw a bug. Outside. An ant. On the porch. Now she won't go near the door or even think about playing outside. It's going to be a long summer. God help us.

Sounds delightful!

so - how goes the moby wrap? You dig?

The monkey's been TERRIFIED of bugs for MONTHS now. Ants, caterpillars.... She SCREECHES when she sees them!

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