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People, I am trying SO HARD to post a video of Owen smiling and cooing, but the laptop will not speak to the analog video camera, the desktop is not functioning at all due to someone's proclivity for downloading and installing any damned thing on it, and my attempt to burn a DVD through the TV resulted in a blank DVD and language that my children should not be forced to hear. I'll keep at it, because the world should not be deprived, but we may be looking at an Owen Thursday this week.

(Hey, what's the etiquette when your kid spits up on a library book?)

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I believe using a wipe & then giving it a quick/little spray of Lysol to remove any lingering spoiled milk or I don't know strained pea smell is w/in the realm of acceptability. Not that I've ever done this or anything...bc my reflux baby NEVER spits that's not spit up on my sholder right now...

Depends how bad the mess on the book is. As a librarian I would say you should offer to buy a new one. But maybe it's not that noticeable... I have to say that when I was a public librarian it was the large print western books that were the most disgusting, not the kids books.

I think you'll find Emily Post says that you should wipe off the spit-up and leave the book open to dry. Any sour smell can be blamed on a malfunctioning olfactory system of the next borrower.

Well, that's what I'd do. But what do I know...I wear spitty shirts to work and let my boss be thankful I'm back from leave. (Sadly, I've been back a month and am still doing this.)

Lisa, I can indeed confirm that this is Emily Post's recommended course of action in this matter.

Clean it with a slightly damp cloth, and let it dry.

If it's just horribly messed up, let them know. If it's just stained slightly, I think it's ok.

I'd probably be on the wipe it off and see how it goes side of things. But if it's a lasting smell/damage to the book, then I would definitely go with replacing it. (I've had to replace a few library books due to things like reading in the tub and clumsiness heh.)

Return it and pretend nothing ever happened. I mean, wipe it off, but if the pages get stained or anything, no one will notice.

If the books I've gotten for Cole are any indication, you should close it, smother it in cheese, wrap it in plastic, and leave it in a rather warm and damp place for about a month. They'll never notice the spit-up.

seriously, we've gotten books from the library that were at least 1/4 eaten, let alone spit up on...

You failed to mention whether the soiled book was an adult book or childrens' book. I think there are different protocols.

Just pretend like nothing happened and take it back. Other people do it. I got a book the other day that had (in more than one spot) pages stuck together with boogers. No, it wasn't a children's book for my daughter. It was a novel. For me. It was dry-heave material. YUCK!

Wipe up the spit, let it dry, and return the book like nothing ever happened.

Laughter is the etiquette. Doubled over belly laughter. And snickers. (-ing, not the candy. Those are a GIVEN.)

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