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So! This has been quite a week. Yes indeed, it sure has. I'm not going to get into it, but I will give you a hint. Mia ate M&Ms for breakfast this morning and has already watched two hours of tv today and will be watching another hour tonight while she feasts on another bowl of M&Ms. These are uncommon events in her life, I assure you.

Hey! Did you know that two-year-olds are immune to reason and there is no amount of talking you can do to make them stop screaming long enough to take the damned x-ray when they have decided they are not interested in participating in the damned x-ray? Fortunately though, two-year-olds are not immune to stickers.

Hey again! This entire paragraph (on a different subject) was just redacted based on the realization that I can't tell you guys about that either!


Owen is two months old today. Yay him! Letter coming tomorrow once I a) get his weight and stuff from his well check tomorrow and b) am able to pull my face out of the bag of M&Ms long enough to type it. Guess what? Turns out I stress eat! Who knew?

Also, the cleaning lady came today, and every time she shows up it takes all my willpower to stop myself from making out with her. People (ok, just my mom really) keep asking if she does a good job, but I don't even care. She could bring her own dirt from home and spread it liberally around my house and I would still want to make out with her because the fact that I am paying someone to clean my house excuses me from ever doing it no matter what a pig sty the place is at any given time. At least, it does in my mind.

Oh screw it, let's all just agree to give up on this one, ok? I'll be back once I have crossed the hurdle of the two medical-type people I have to deal with tomorrow (which will bring the grand total of medical-type people contact for this week to... 9? 10? I've lost count). And man, you know it's serious when I am having all these dealings with medical-type people and can't even work up the energy to pretend I have the hots for a single one of them. If I start telling you how boring firemen are, it may be time to stage an intervention.

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Was the x-ray related to the M&M's?

I will keep watch on the fireman front.

Oh dear.

So sorry to hear it -- anything we can do, just let me know.

Ew, your week sucks. I hope it gets better and fast.

All I got out of that was "serious"...

Now I'm worried! Hope I misintrepted that.

Okay none of that sounds very fun. I just hope none of it is serious, should we be worried???
Also be happy it was just an x-ray. When Molly had to have a (totally unnecessary!) CAT Scan they actually had to put her out because they said there is no way a 2 year old will hold still long enough for them to get a clean view. I made them try without putting her out but, turns out they were right, she freaked.

I am sorry things are so crappy for your family right now. I hope everything turns up alright in the end.

Sorry you are having a suckfest too. Seems to be going around. Hang in. Enjoy those M&Ms.

There seems to be no better time for medical problems to occur then right after you yourself have undergone major surgery to deliver that line backer son of yours!
It's going to work out, and it's going to be okay. Just try to sit back and relax. Beer, wine? They both go really well with M&M's!

Oh, I hear you. My little one had to have blood tests, urine collections, an IV and an X-ray last week. Stickers are the key to the world. The hospital kindly sent a bunch home with us - sadly they have already been used up.

As for the M&M's, my son had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning. I did not have the patience to deal with the screaming that erupted when I tried to inform him that cake was not a breakfast item. Said patience was still not in evidence when it was time to get dressed so he wore a Christmas sweater to daycare.


I hope things get better soon. I'm rooting for you and for your family (and for Mia of course).

I wish I could send some "Calm" out your way, but I'm fresh out here, too.

This week officially SUCKS! Sorry you were included.

Total suckfest! So very sorry and I sure do hope you get good reports and things get a whole lot better very soon.

If it offers any comfort, I had a ton of allergy related issues when I was Mia's age and I have no memory of all the things that traumatized my mother. I did have to learn to deal with a chronic illness, but starting so early helped better equip me for the other crap life throws at me.

Wow. Here's hoping that whatever you're dealing with turns out okay.

I hope that everything is ok and hopefully your weekend will be the start of things getting better.

Whatever is going on I send lots of wishes (and M&Ms and stickers) that it will be all done soon. It must be terrible when you have to deal with medical stuff with your kids (I don't have any kids...yet). Lots of good vibes that it will all work out soon.

Sorry things are such a suckfest right now. Here's hoping it gets better for you!

Hope everything gets better fast for you guys. Thank goodness for chocolate, it's saved many a week for me.

I hope everything for Mia gets better soon. At least there are M&M's involved!!

Bless Mia, just bless her! Sending good pooping thoughts her way...and yours. But consider this: I read your post and find myself terribly focused on the fact that you are eating M&Ms, Mia is eating M&Ms - and I think, "LUCKY!" because I do not have M&Ms, and may not for awhile. My chocolate consumption has gotten dangerously out of control and I'm trying to reign it in. So, take comfort in those M&Ms!

Erg. Not fun. We're all rooting for ya's.

Poor Beth & Kris. I hope whatever is up with Mia gets resolved soon.

The reasoning thing, though? It'll take a while. They do's just on a whole different planet than WE reason.

But, there is hope. I just went on leave and took all three kids to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was MUCH less stressful than 3 years ago when we went to Disney.

They are old enough now that I can say "Okay, if you get seperated from the at Spot X" and not stress about it. They understand how to get to "Spot X" AND they love hanging out with Mom, so they don't tend to stray too far. :)

*HUGS* to all of you.

I hope all is better soon.


I'm willing to send chocolate if it would help.


Carmen, will you be my new best friend? Anyone who admits to the Internet they fed their child chocolate cake for breakfast and sent them to daycare in a Christmas sweater (in April) is definitely someone I need to hang out with.


Sending warm fuzzies to the CactusFish family!

May your contact with medical people be ZERO next week. Hope all is well. You are in my thoughts.

GI tests are the WORST! Mia is a smart, smart girl to not want to cooperate. Hope things improve from here!

Well I don't envy you and your secret situation, because as the owner of a shiny new 2 1/2 year old myself, I'm pretty sure I'd flip out if anything shitty happened to him. SO. Good luck, Beth. Really.

Kisses and wishes to you and your loved ones. (Yes, I'd kiss Chris if he really needed one.)

All the best.

If it makes you feel any better, I learned a new word from your post...redacted. So, thanks for that.

Oh I am hoping the week looks up- maybe the m&m's will help with the whole GI problem :)

I hope Mia's okay and that she gets well soon!!!

Um, now I am worried? Tell me I shouldn't be worried.

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