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This has been a hard week. Nothing major, just one little thing after another, like Monday being an incredibly hectic day and then Chris wrecking his car a little requiring me to be his chauffeur and also not being home much so I've been largely single parenting and Mia has decided that every single thing that exists in the entire world has to be strewn all over the floor at all times so my house is always and absolute wreck, which stresses me out. And oh, just about 100 other things that I can usually manage but this week can't seem to get on top of.

And then there is this story (updated here). You really ought to go read those posts, but the short version is that there is a little girl named Emily, sixteen months old, who went on vacation with her family, had a seizure that turned out to be caused by a large tumor in her brain, and was discovered to have a very rare, highly malignant form of cancer.

The thing is, I know this kid. She is in one of Mia's classes. (Turns out I know the blogger telling her story too, or at least that I spend about an hour a week in her presence.) We all know that kids get sick, but we tell ourselves that it won't happen to us, it won't be our kid. It is the only way we can make it through the day. But it could be, it could be so easily. And this, I feel like one kid to the left and this is my kid. One kid to the right and maybe it is yours. I am suddenly less concerned about the toys in my kitchen.

So go read about her, would you? And do what you can to help, whether that's donating a few bucks to help her parents or praying for Emily or just asking the universe to back off this one little kid.

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Oh, that is heartbreaking. Going over there now.

Aww, I'm going to go over there in a minute and read more about it.

We have a friend with daughter the same age as Amelia who has been incredibly sick and they can't figure out what she has. It has been terrifying to watch this girl go through biopsies and other surgeries while they try and figure out what's making her sick. It's one thing when it's some kid on TV but it sure makes it hard when it's so close.

Damn it! Why do kids have to get sick? It's just so unfair :-( I made a small donation (stupid student poverty :P) and I will absolutely be praying. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Oh, poor kid. I know an Emily who has had a rotten start in life, really makes you appreciate your own life at the times when it all feels too much.

It is so heartening to see so many people get involved to help this family.

I have been over, wept, donated and sniffled anew. It makes us all hug our own children that bit harder, doesn't it?

Her parents must be in agony. Please post if there is anything additional that they need. I can't imagine-now I am going to go give my 14 month old a really big hug.

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