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We had a (cute, young) guy out to do a little work on the house yesterday, and in the first five minutes he was here he introduced himself to me three times. Since he didn't appear to be stoned (the signs of which I know only from what I have seen in movies, naturally), I assume that this repetition means one of two things. Either a) he thought I was so totally hawt that he lost control of his tongue, or b) he thought I was so totally old that I must be suffering some form of hearing loss and he was just trying to be considerate of his elders.

Considering I hadn't showered, I'm going to have to go with option b.

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I'm guessing the hawt option. Maybe you WERE "unshowered and unstyled," but the "just out of bed" look is supposed to be uber-hawt.

My vote is on A :) Maybe one of your SuperBoobs was showing a bit heh.

It has to be Option a. You knew you were unshowered, but he didn't, so the end result was to make him think you were the windswept and interesting type.
Which naturally you are.

I'm sure it was (A). People only multi-introduce or otherwise repeat themselves when they're nervous. Or when they have something like Altzheimer's. Which I'm guessing he didn't. So it must be YOUR hawtness that threw him off. You go, girl!

Always assume option A. Always.

I got for the total hawtness!

oh totally option a. He was utterly flustered by your power lactiation and super boobs :)

Totally (a).

Hey, is this Mia or does it just look exactly like her?

I must disagree. He totally wanted you.

Maybe he digs the unshowered pheromones? The guy at Home Depot digs me for that.... whether he knows it or not...

"he thought I was so totally hawt that he lost control of his tongue"

hahahaha. :)

Most definitely that you are hawt ;) But of course.

Always, always err on the side of hawtness! We don't know how long we'll be able to actually believe it. One day we might wake up and totally know that it can't be hawt. Until then. I'm hawt. Am too.

I've seen photos.


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