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Mayor of Dullsville

I feel boring.

I feel so boring I can't even adequately explain how boring I am. Possibly that is because everyone reading this is over six years old, and I no longer have anything to say to people over six years old. I do child care, and laundry, and grocery shopping, and preschool applications and precious little else. I feel like I've lost the ability to discuss anything other than children.

I don't mean that I'm unhappy, because I am enjoying the mommy thing. I just would also enjoy feeling like I had something to contribute to an adult conversation.

How do you stop being boring?

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My youngest is 7 so most people I speak to are over 6 years old but I do not know how to not be boring. So sad. I avoid talking to my co-workers because who wants to hear about my kids all the time? I can see their eyes glazing over from 50 paces out.

If you discover the secret, please share!

I am boring, too, and I go to work and talk to adults all day. But, I find have nothing to talk about unless I talk to people with kids. How sad is that??

The good news is, you're not the only one who feels this way (I do too). But the bad news is, I have no idea how to make it better. But (more good new) I don't find you boring, so no worries. I think it comes and goes for those of us whose primary communication is with and to preschool aged children.

In our lifetime, we've seen the nerd become sexy and 40 become the new 30, surely the rest of the world will catch on to how riveting mommy talk is, right? It's why, and I'm being sincere here, I come here every day to read.

I work with adults and still find children to be the best company. :) Seriously, who else thinks a container of play-dough is the coolest thing on Earth?

I do not think you are boring, so cheer up. If you were no longer interesting I would not check in everyday to see what is going on, and even pass your link on when a post has me rolling on the floor laughing. :)

You should have some cookies...or cupcakes...maybe some teddy grahams...

A. YOU are not boring.
B. Changing diapers IS boring.
C. That does not make you a bad person. It doesn't mean you aren't a great mom just because you don't want to speak toddle-speak or talk about your kids 24/7. It means you are a grown up. And human. And INTERESTING.
D. To combat this, I read about other people's lives (novels as well as blogs). I listen to NPR. And I started something on my blog called Thinky Thursday where I made a promise to myself to write one post per week about something that had nothing to do with children or housekeeping in any way. It pushes me to engage with ideas out there in the world, and to have little conversations about them. And since I started that, I have found myself starting those conversations with my friends in real life too. This helps a little.
E. We ALL feel this way. It comes and goes and is a normal part of having very young kids I think. I'm sending some hugs, for whatever that's worth.

I feel you girl. My youngest is four and I also have a 10 year old and an 8 year old. Now we are too busy to think about how boring we are. I remember when I was you not so long ago, and my husband would come home from work and I would tell him all about the sexual chemistry between Bob the Builder and his assistant Wendy. I would follow him around the house (while I am sure he was looking for a place to hide) chattering on and on about what Oprah said today. I am not sure if it gets easier to accept that you are boring or if you stop caring that you are boring, but eventually it stops bothering you so much. I too check your blog every day, and I often envy you. I miss the days when they were really little. And we were boring.

Hey.. It's the one thing we all have in common! If you talked about star wars or politics, eh, I would probably be bored or at least irritated. lol

Pictures and home video are always good! If you're really looking for more subjects to cover, yyou might consider incorporating some of the things you did on the playgroup dropout site. =]

I blog. That is the most unboring thing I currently do. My only other adult activities are occasionally getting out with other couples/friends, and watching reruns of Friends or Will and Grace while drinking chardonnay. Mostly, I am fine with this, but there are days when I too want to scream at the sameness of it all.

Shave your head.

stop wearing underwear for a week. i swear, it'll change your life.

I'm not really sure - in actuality, I've got the same problem, only I don't talk to anybody over 2 years old. When you figure out the answer let me know?

I feel really boring today too... school, work, blah.

I love your Mommy Posts! I remember those days and then I look at my children now and wonder where the time went.

Not to mention, one day, these posts will be very important to your children and to you. My kids love hearing stories about being born, how they were as babies and some of the very silly stuff they did.

I also remember feeling "boring" to the rest of the world, but I promise you, you are not. You've got great kids and a wonderful husband and please don't stop posting. I'd miss the fish half of the Cactus-Fish a whole lot!!


Sweetie, you are not boring. Probably you are tired and a bit blue to to the fact that you are the total source of nourishment for one child, and the total source of amusement for the other.
You know, this won't help too much now, but it does get better.
Try to get outside. Perhaps for walks. Go to the park. Bask in the sunshine.
And if all else fails, break out the brownies!

Let's plan a night out, really. Even if it's only for an hour or too get a pedicure.

I'm really interesting so long as you're interested in kids, education, mental health issues or Agatha Christie...

oh, did you know redbellied piranas are the only fish that can vomit?

I read books and then make my friends start book clubs with me so we can sit around and talk about the books. Or we sit around and talk about our kids. Sheesh, that falls under the umbrella of being boring, doesn't it?

Run naked through a Babies *backwards R* Us.

Patrons would point and go, 'That chick's not boring'. I bet.

I think MommyTime made some great suggestions. NOT that I find you boring, but I can imagine you're starting to get to yourself.

Mmmm, maybe topless jacuzzi pics of you? LOL

You know I have watched blogs go from cool to "mommy blogs" to cool again and it's just a matter of time. It seems like women have to get the kid set up enough so that they can start to have energy enough to focus on something else and then it becomes a nice blend of mommy-blog and the person writing it. It starts to balance. It just takes time and you aren't boring. Never have been.


When I feel boring, I find people more boring than me and then hang out with them. It makes me feel awesome and very-much-less boring. P.S. I don't think you're boring. I think you're swell.

Ha, don't ask me. I live through you!

Run around in a funny hat and a bullet-proof plexiglass car?

You grit your teeth and wait until your baby turns two. Or twenty. It;s sad, but true.

When you find out, please let me know.

What would you enjoy doing if you were alone in the house and every bit of house chores and kid stuff was done? Read, play music, scrapbook? Those are the things you can talk about with other adults.

We wait! Right now we're submerged in parenting stuff. Soon we'll be out of it: this is only a temporary stage of our lives.

In the meantime, you're still interesting to people interested in parenting.

You forget we all talk to people under 6 all the time too, even if we work (ha ha). We were at a wine tasting fundraiser last weekend and what did we all do? Talk about our kids.

Beth, you are not boring, you are just bored. Not because you aren't busy as hell, but because you do nothing but interact with little tinys. Staying home is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. My husband and I go through this conversation almost weekly. But, my baby is almost 2 and half and my older son is just about 6 and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. As they get older, they get more involved, they go to school, play sports, have play dates, play better with each other and by themself...which leaves more time for you to do laundry, cook dinner, pay bills, break up fighting...oh, I'm not helping am I? But strangely, it gets better.

I feel boring too. My days are all identical.

I try to always have a novel going (or at least near my bed so I can look at it).

I watch TV shows on Hulu.


But for what it's worth, I don't think your life is boring, even if you feel that what you are doing is not interesting. It's your observations about it and your love for your children that make it interesting to me.

I hear ya. And I only have ONE kid. But I completely sympathize.

You could tell us about your first crush, your dream house/vacation/car/day, your thoughts on public vs. private schools, or your favorite foods/celebrities/musicians, etc...?

I don't know but if you find out, let me know.

I would think your site meter should be gage for just how boring people find you. And Beth Fish, I think that you're pretty famous and get a decent number of clicks. So WE don't think you're boring.

However, I can empathize with your feelings. Don't you (and the other commentors) give up on the childless. As Lululemon says, children are the orgasm of life. I like a certain amount of child talk from my parent friends. I find that they have more interesting things to say than I do. I can't imagine that what you used to talk about (pre Bean) was more important than what you have to say these days.

I bet Mia and Owen think you are the funniest, most entertaining, least boring person in the world. Oh, but that's not the point is it? Ok.

I am pretty boring myself (living in Mummy land) but for what it is worth I think you are funny, and smart and entertaining. Enough so that I come and read your blog every day.

I know at least 63 people more boring than you.

I bet Mia and Owen think you are the funniest, most entertaining, least boring person in the world. Oh, but that's not the point is it? Ok.

I am pretty boring myself (living in Mummy land) but for what it is worth I think you are funny, and smart and entertaining. Enough so that I come and read your blog every day.

I know at least 63 people more boring than you.

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