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Mia Monday #116: Minnie Mouse Edition

Owen started playing with a toy this morning, and while Mia was initially impressed she quickly recognized it as the first step towards that inevitable and much-dreaded day when he will start touching her stuff. That plus the dumb-ass bow her Mommy was making her wear made for a rather grumpy Bean.

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Love, love, love her desk. It's perfect, and perfectly placed in the kitchen!

And I like the bow, but then again, I'm super girly.

Well, at least she still has the duck. For the moment.

I love the little pouty lip in the first picture... she has that one down.

That is the greatest sweater in the history of sweaters. I keep meaning to say that.

I love her sweater!! :-)

Good lord, how can you stay angry at her when she gives you big puppy dog eyes like in the first picture? Lord have mercy!

Wow, she's already giving you the "look". I knew Mila's love for Summer had ended when, about 4 months into Summer's life, Mila called to me and said "moooo-ooom, Summer is SPITTING on my toys". Um, that's DROOLING Mila, get it right!

Is that a pouty face? Too cute!

Even pouty and grumpy she is still totally adorable! How can you take the pouty face seriously?

I mean, it's like:

"hello, I know you're pouty and grumpy but please allow me to giggle slightly at how cute you are in the process!" ;)

Oh my goodness! Isn't she just he most beautiful girl in the world!

Grumpy, but so CUTE!

That kid...she is just the cutest ever. And the pout! Oy! The sweater is also totally excellent.

That pouty face in the first shot? It killed me. The crossing her arms and looking at you like "hmmmph!" is priceless!

It begins! :-)

We have that same duck. Did you steal it from a nasty hotel-room jacuzzi too?

I like the bow. It's a shame that Mia doesn't

Hate to point this out to you but she looks really grown up in these. Isn't it CRAZY how big they automatically seem when there's a baby next to them?? Where does the time go?! Such a sweet little face. :)

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