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Mia Monday #117: How Do You Turn This Thing Off Edition

Mia has learned how to deal with a fussy baby. Or a baby who insists upon making noise while she is telling a story. Or singing. Or in the room.

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Mia looks happy, but Owen doesn't look at all amused.

This makes me smile. Too bad my brother's too old for that technique to work.

Oh Mia you clever bean, you!

Smart girl!

"Aw put a finger in it!"


You know what I love? Baby hair that stands straight up. I LOVE that.

LOL! That is so funny! How beautiful Owens eyes are! They're staying blue while Mia's are such a pretty brown!

Haha too bad that strategy won't last long! Good thinking, Mia ;)

Mia's face looks like a doll (literally) in that last picture. Did you order her from American Girl?

mia is one smart little bean!

Hey, if it works!

So funny! We have almost the same pictures of my son doing that to my daughter.

Oh my god that is funny.

He is just so tolerant of her antics! But soon it will change....

Your kids are just so cute.

Both your children are so adorable
Pol x

Can I borrow her?

So adorable!

Funny, I do the same thing to John!

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