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Mia Monday #118: Artiste! Edition

Happiness is having a smudge of blue chalk on your cheek for eight solid hours.

Also, thanks to Much More than a Mom for pointing out that Mia has a doppleganger. I mean, not under close inspection, but at first glance, that could totally be my kid from like eight months or a year ago.

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yes, totally creepy

I thought that was an old photo of Mia when I first saw it.

I like the way Mia matched her smudge to her apron.

Ah yes, but Mia is so much prettier! And I do love the blue cheek!

Holy crap! That's incredible!

But Mia's cuter.

Jiminy! That looks just like Mia!

I'm glad it's not just me that thinks so!

I love the blue streak. My favourite pics are the ones that show childhood in reality, not posed. It matched her apron, too. Smart and fashion conscious!

OMG! Total doppleganger!

Except Mia is cuter, of course.

Nah, Mia is WAY cuter.

Wow, find out who that kid is and get them together. That's too funny. Although to pass them off as twins, you'd have to get Mia's ears pierced too!

wow...that does look like mia :)

that's funny! looks just like her!

ha! That's funny! They DO look alike! Love the pictures!!! :)

Where can I get a smock like that?

Holy moly! That's a trip!

The blue is definitely her color though - fo sho!

Happiness is also blowing bubbles for three straight hours while Mommy waters the flowers in the garden and sips an iced tea. :)

Are you messing with us? That little girl seriously isn't Mia? Wow.

Wow . . . almost unnerving how much they look alike.

Blue is definitely Mia's color.

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