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Mothers of twins, take note

Mia informed me yesterday that if you have lots of babies, you need to have three hands. I thought that was entirely reasonable. She also decreed that you would need lots of breasts and suggested you could keep them on your back.

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As a mother of twins (and three more singletons), I'd say Mia is spot on about the hands. Gotta love the things these little ones dream up.

As a father of twins plus one, extra hands would have come in handy back in the days.

Oh that is so funny! But you know she is almost right. The twins I sit for keep me on my toes and they are 6!

Well, the more hands thing makes perfect sense. I think it'd be a little awkward to breastfeed from your back, though.

Ah yes, three hands would hav ebeen handy especially in the early days.

I agree. Extra hands would have been nice. But as Fraulein N pointed out, BFing on the back would be difficult.

To breastfeed from the back we need to use the eyes in the back of our head and one of our extra arms...your daughter is brilliant!

That child is a genius. But you already knew that.

mom of twins here to say I'd like to order mia's extra hands and back boobies! Think of what I could get done if I could just strap a baby or two to my back for the day! :)

The world's most beautiful child is also the world's smartest child!

hang in there...

Wow, you have lots of readers with twins! And here I thought I was all unique and stuff.

It's the triplet mommies who need the extra boob, I've always thought. I could quiet two babies at once, but what would I have done with a third?

The extra hands would've been extremely helpful, though. I could still use some of those!

The girl is spot on. In fact, had I breasts on my back it would have solved a lot of my feeding while co-sleeping problems.

Seriously, Ian would punch me in the back when I rolled over to feed his sister.

I need a BACK BOOB? Holy crap! I was built entirely wrong for this!

Haha oh dear. Such a precocious child ;) and LOL @ Anonymous.

I wish I would have known that when my twins were babies!! That extra hand would have come in VERY handy! And while the babies might not have appreciated the back boob to the fullest, I'm quite certain the hubby would have.

ah. my extra hands must have got lost in the post then?

She's such a smart girl.

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