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Owen Wednesday #10: Obligatory Tummy Pose Edition

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I love love love that little vest!!!! What a dashing young man you have there...

What a cute little man! And I think he looks so much like Mia in these pictures, I'd never noticed that before today.

That is adorable! He is a very cute little fellow.

I really don't know how you ever get anything done. Seriously, the cheeks? Damn.

That is one scrumptious baby you have on your hands. Also, I love it when people dress their baby boys in sweater vests because it makes them look like little old men!

LOVE the sweater vest!!!!

Can I eat him? I haven't had lunch yet. Look at those cheeks!

Owen, I think I love you.

In these pictures, he's a mini-Mia, just with less hair and a bigger forehead. He's just so darn cute.

I love how content and interested Owen looks in these pictures. Whenever I tried to put my baby on his stomach, he'd spend every moment crying and screaming, usually with his face buried in the blanket. Somehow that never made for very cute pictures:o(

What a sweet little man he is and that sweater!

The BLUE -- those eyes, they are so blue! And that sweater vest is SO CUTE! Ugh, makes me want a whole house-full of babies...

Somebody looks like their big sister. What a sweetie.

The last one is my favorite. He really does look like Mia!

the cheeks! the cheeks!

Those cheeks! Those eyes! That vest!

I don't know how I ever made it through a week before Owen Wednesdays.

What a handsome little guy...uh, maybe not so little, actually. At 2 months old, he weighed 2 lbs more than my 6 month old daughter!

I am amazed at how BOY he looks. Totally not androgynous. I always have a hard time with calling babies a him or a her, but I would totally know he's a boy.

sweet, sweet, double sweet!

Wow. He and Mia share the cheeks. They could totally be brother and sister.

Oh, wait...

I am seriously melting from the cuteness...he and Mia are both so adorable! Can you ever get tired of hearing that...because I sure hope not!

He just looks so different than Mia! I bet there is a buddha belly under that vest. He is beautiful!

He's gorgeous! I love that sweater! I could just eat him up. Is he modeling for Baby Gap yet because he could totally pull that off.

To me, he looks a lot like Mia in the second one. From the eyes down.

OMG, what an adorable child!

He looks SO much like Mia! Too cute!

Oh heavens yes he and Mia look so much alike! What a handsome and dashing young man he is. Looks like he is going to be a prep school boy.

You can really see Mia in there! Have you sat down and compared pictures of her at the same age side by side? I love doing that with my boys. You can really pick out what they share, their eyes, chins, noses, little bald heads. But mine look so much alike I've had to label them to make sure when I'm 80 I know who is who. Plus I totally love looking at them and thinking about what cute little old men they'll be some day.

What a cutie! He looks a lot like Mia!

Another one piping up to say that I love the sweater vest and he looks so much like Mia. He's so flippin' adorable!

He is completely adorable.

Unrelated: I tagged you at this post -- though if you aren't up for doing this, I do understand. Either way, I'm enjoying your blog a lot!

Ok, the sweater vest is KILLING me with the cuteness.

How does Chris feel about having two kids that look almost exactly like you?

He's adorable. His hair and argyle sweater are just precious.

will you please have more kids so that everyday are cute photos of your children?

because seriously..that little grin, the hair! and i seriously want to monch on his cheeks.

I might have to eat the chipmunk cheeks...

Oh dear god! The argyle vest is slaying me! He is too cute for words! LOVE the hair.

And girl, do you and Chris have some mighty powerful genetics goin' on.

Dead from the cute. Dead, I say.

Owen looks so much like Mia. Simply adorable.

aww how cute! he looks so much like Mia.. I have tried to figure out who the kids look like (you or chris) and I pick neither really.. they must have parts of you both or something :)

I can't believe how well he mastered lying on his tummy! Impressive!

I can't believe how much he looks like she did as a baby! He's adorable!

My, but he is adorable.

I gotta point out first thought?

"One day, Owen is going to watch Sixteen Candles and totally disown you for putting him in the Argyle sweater..."


He looks so much like Mia right now! With those same delicious cheeks that beg to be dipped in sauce and gobbled up! Gorgeous!

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