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Owen Wednesday #11: Morning Nap Edition

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I know he is your baby and all...but I would just love to kiss those cheeks!! His eyebrows seem so red - do you think he'll really have red hair??

I would have a hard time letting him sleep because he looks so snuggly...just want to cuddle him. Or a better alternative - lay down next to him and doze. In my scenario, I would have no toddler to look after, of course.

Oh my, such a dear sleeping baby!

So very, very precious - I can hardly stand it!


Oh dear! He's just precious.

I don't think there is anything sweeter than a sleeping baby. How did you resist nibbling on those hands?

I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him! After he's done napping, of course.

Sleeping babies are so peaceful; I love nap time.

It's a good thing I'm already pregnant otherwise this might cause me to get myself knocked up.

He is just so sweet! You have such lovely children.

He is so cute. I could just eat him up!

Ouch that just made my non working uterus hurt.
Such a doll, both of your babies.

Ooh ooh, I remember when my daughter was that quite, snuggly, and slept more and she's only nine months. It's so amazing the milestones they make from about four months on.

BTW, he's so cute! (I love babies!)

Oh, those sweet baby hands! Precious baby boy.

Too cute for words! I would just want to grab Mia and snuggle in bed, all three of you. He'd be hard to resist.

I just melted into a puddle on the floor. What a sweet and precious boy.

i love the hands... baby hands are the best...

you know, I'd be quite willing to swap my non-napping version for your napping version :)

dear god how i adore fat baby wrists...

Just died from the cuteness!

What a beautiful sleeping baby. I want to munch on those chubby little hands.

OH! So precious! It's visions like this that make me think, another baby? Okay!



Stop it. You're making me want another one. No no no no. Gah, I love sweet pudgy babies. Cut it out.

What a beautiful baby. Truly luv you blog.
Linda in Mississippi

how stinkin' adorable. and i love his pj's...they are super cute.

Aw! Theo has that same dinosaur sleeper but he outgrew it. Seeing Owen in it made me wistful. Sigh.

Yeah for snuggly morning naps!

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