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Owen Wednesday #7: Video Killed the Radio Star Edition

This is not the bit of video I wanted to show you. The bit of video I wanted to show you was directly after this particular bit, but do you know what I had for lunch today? Three chocolate cupcakes. And they aren't even good cupcakes. I mean, they were shitty cupcakes to start with, but at least the frosting was good but then the frosting got all melted and now it is shitty too but nevertheless I ate three of them. And then I ate some stark cold french fries, and I don't mean warmish or room temperature but so cold that you could add then to a warm drink if you had a hankering for a cold, refreshing beverage and they would cool that bad boy right down. I also drank part of a melted vanilla milkshake, and I don't like vanilla milkshakes under the best of circumstances, which this clearly was not. But you see, it has been that kind of week. It has been the kind of week where there are three of those shitty cupcakes left in my kitchen and I am giving serious thought to polishing them off as soon as I finish typing because at least they are something similar to chocolate and that has to help, right?

And anyway, I have been trying to post this video (by which I mean not this particular video, of course, but the video I actually wanted to post) for three days now and when I finally got this bit accessible for posting and realized I could not access the next bit that I really wanted I realized that I was very close to tears and decided to just give it up and post this and you, dear internet, will LIKE IT and BE HAPPY WITH IT and TELL ME HOW ADORABLE MY CHILDREN ARE, got it? Because I could get the next bit, I could, I know just what it would take, but then I really would cry and I am already covered in vomit and crying while covered in vomit after a lunch of shitty cupcakes and three hour old McDonald's take out is too pitiful even for me. And now if you will excuse me, there are cupcakes calling my name.

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I like it, I'm happy with it, and your kids are adorable. Ummm, I don't suppose you want to share one of those shitty chocolate cupcakes with me?

You are sounding hormonally pregnant to me. Couldn't be though...or could it?? :-)

What adorable children you have! I am so happy you posted that video, I believe it may be my favorite video ever!

Seriously, the kiss and the squirmy arms and legs...they are killing me!

Your kids really are adorable, I love the clip. I *SO* hear you on the cupcakes, I'm now giving serious consideration to making some of my own - maybe it will make the thus-far miserable week a little better. BTW, my daughter is a day younger than Owen and she's not nearly that interactive. But just as perfect. :)

Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaan. I'd give anything to be wearing a onesie and squirming around in one of those chairs. Of course it would be made all the more awesome if my future involved someone presenting me with a boob for dinner.

Maaaaaan, my life is suuuuuuuucks compared to Owen's! No faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!


And I want one of those chairs, for me.

Anything I can do, hon.

Internet, do not believe that bit about the terrible cupcakes. The rest of that "lunch" sounds pretty grim but the cupcakes are delicious.

Your kids are adorable:) And I agree - chocolate is chocolate - it can only help:)

You brightened up my day a lot with that video :)
Your children truely are adorable! and you sound how I feel with that post!
I hope you are okay now though.

Be grateful you have CHOCOLATE! *whimper*

Beautiful babies, as always. Send some of that lovely fertility my way, would ya?

Your children are beautiful. What a sweet video, It is fun seeing Mia interact with Owen, so gentle.

Love it. I'm happy. Your children are adorable.

And is there such a thing as a bad cupcake?

But they really are pretty darn adorable.

Your children are simply too adorable for words. How were the shitty cupcakes? I say that having shitty cupcakes is better than not having cupcakes at all.

okay - we are soooo done with children, but that video made my ovaries *ache* - maybe just one more?

WHAT are you doing to me, Beth! Enough with the gorgeous achingly-sweet children. Tell me again about the vomit and the painful boobs...remind me why we are soooo done.

Oh oh oh....they are the cutest ever!

of COURSE your children are lip-smackin' adorable, but what i love even more is how you called mcdonalds "take out." pure gold...

Ok, Could your children be any cuter?

Heh. I was just telling my husband this afternoon that my kids were driving me to eat the Snickers. We aren't big nut fans, so Snickers are the bottom of the chocolate barrel around here.

Unfortunately, my day got worse from there.

The adjustment from 1 to 2 is have days where you feel like you can do this, you can SO do this, and then you get knocked down by one of those days (or weeks!) where every. little. thing. is overwhelming.

You'll make it, I swear!

Absolutely adorable! I just love the way that she leaned in to give him a hug and a kiss...she obviously loves her little brother!

Your children are adorable :)

You have exceptionally beautiful children.

I think my milk just let down, and it's been 8.5 years since I had any.

I am happy with that video, and your children are exceedingly adorable.

That is one happy boy! Precious.

Totally adorable children, Beth! And you are the best for posting this for me.

We are duly happy with this video and your children are ovary hurting adorable!

Did you eat the last 3 cupcakes...?


Now, put down the cupcake, niiiiiice and slow like!

Also, my computer won't remmember my info on your comments for some sucktastic reason, so I must REALLY THINK YOUR KIDS ARE EXTRA ADORABLE!!! because I have to type my jilliody milliondy long e-mail every time I comment.

Oh man, I just wanna pick him up and play with him.

Of course, if my heart wasn't black and cold, I'd want another one of those.

i kind of want one of those chairs...:)

your kids are way too cute!

I am satisfied with this post and I would have said your children are splendidly, squishably adorable even if you hadn't needed it quite so badly. The kicking and cooing, not to mention the big-sister hugging and kissing (and her little bum in my face), made this a 2-view video - and that's saying something!

Hope today is a much better today, regardless of where yesterday's cupcakes ended up. :-)

Your children are adorable, and your cupcakes and French fries are earned. I wish they were fresh and hot, because you deserve that, too.

I hope things get better now that it's Friday!

My two year old just said "Mia!" (that's probably not good) and then followed it with, "Oooo, change a diaper!"

Yes, those kids are luscious, and no video clip in the world would have been better. :)

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