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Owen Wednesday #8: Perils of Being the Younger Brother Edition

Owen, I swear that as soon as you are able to fight back I will let you do so, but in the meantime, Mia has lots of accessories and has discovered that you are a captive audience.

Yeah, the breast pad yarmulke is my favorite too.

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He he adorable!
Pol x

That last picture just makes me want the end of June, beginning of July to come so much faster so I can start accessorizing my own little one...

He is just too cute!!!

I adore that he is so amused by his breast pad yarmulke. Just in time for Passover!

I must admit to also putting a breast pad on my son's head. Although, my favorite is a burp cloth that also make him look like a jedi.

I don't know I think he really rocked that orange barrette!

LOVE IT!!! R has yet to put accessories on the twins' heads. However, they love to wear her crowns and tutus!

He looks so happy to be wearing that breast pad versus the barrette or headband. TOO funny!

You are in so much trouble when he sees these years from now! But for now, loving how the purple brings out his eye color so beautifully!

Oh! Those eyes! Don't worry too much about little Owen. If I know anything about little brothers he'll be paying Mia back (and then some) in a couple of years.

Oh, my he is truly adorable. The last is my favorite too.

I think every younger brother has been subjected to that from his older sister at least once in their lives...

I used to dress my little brother up in my Annie dress (you know, red, with the white collar and cuffs and belt, like in the movie...) and other various dresses throughout his young childhood. He started to resist at about age 7...

Aww, poor little guy! But look at those eyes - wow!

Aww, poor little guy! But look at those eyes - wow!

My first thought was "Wow what a beautiful little girl. But no, just a very yummy little boy.

These are very funny. I love the expression on his face in the headband photo.

The pink headband brings out the blue in his eyes.

This only amplifies how much they look alike.

I really love the orange barrette.

You women don't fight fair.

Purple headband all the way, baby!

I love the first one - his face clearly says, "We are not amused. One day I will be bigger. One day." only get worse for you, buddy...

Breast pad yarmulke. So excellent!

That is too cute!

gosh, this reminds me when POOR son no3 had broncolitus age 5 mnths and had to sit with a wet flannel on his head (in vain attempt to cool him down). A sight engraved on my brain for all time.
And honestly, to look at him now you'd NEVER know he was so ill!

Love it! Finally, a use for gently used breastpads!

ooooookaaaay. Those cheeks.
Must nom and squeeze them insta-mmediately.

Oh the breast pad wins by far :)

P.S. loved mia as minnie mouse!

Haha that's awesome. Owen wears it all so well ;)

yeah I dont know what else to say except the yarmaluke breast pad photo... should totally become Owens side bar photo :)

bwahaha...and here i thought we were the only weirdos who had put breast pads on or kids' heads ;)

But, at least Owen won't be quite as traumatized by hair accessories as he might be if he had an older boys catch lizards and the oldest routinely puts them on his face (photo proof on my blog!)...the baby has no idea what she's in for with 3 older brothers!

Bless! and he took it in his stride to by the looks for things....
(Id hate to be Mia when Owen' is old enough to fight back!)

And I used to dress my little brother up (in dresses) and put his hair in bunches :S .... Big sisters are just mean :P

Tee-hee. Being the big sister to two little brothers, I totally GET Mia's accesorizing. Owen's just gonna hafta learn to accept it, or find really, really good hiding places.

Much better than dolls, isn't he. He's such a cutie.

I've been reading back through your posts and sounds like you're having a rough time. Hope you're feeling a little better and that you'll have a chance to eat and rest soon.

I'd say that when Mia's a little older she could start a blog called "Stuff on My Brother", but I have a feeling he'll be old enough to fight back by then!

Wow are those eyes BLUE or what? For the record the orange barrette is my favorite; totally his color. Also for the record, if I've misspelled barrette - I'm sorry, I only have a boy, and spent the night with said boy sleeping in my bed kicking me in the face every half hour.

Bwahahahahaha!! I LOVE the first one. He has that "Whatever, just get it over with already" look :)

2 is kinda like "Well, this is Kinda funny.

3 is like *Giggle, Snort*

That's does it, I need to end my blog reading on a high note, and there can be no better post than this to send me off to la la land! HOLY AWESOME!!!

LOL! I see there are more breastpad victims out there :)

The boob pad is just too funny!

So adorable! You know, it's sad - but I used to do that to my kids when they were babies and I was way older than Mia. Also, it's been about 9 years, but I knew what that "yarmulke" was immediately and really got a kick out of it. Thanks for the giggles!

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