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So it begins

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I made Mia a potty chart with five little blanks awaiting stickers and a promise that if she ever managed to fill all of those blanks I would take her to the toy store and she could pick out any one thing that she wanted. Mia was thrilled and spent several hours one afternoon getting the potty chart taped to the perfect spot on her bathroom door, and then it stayed there gathering dust for lo these many months.

And then, Mia decided that well fine, if I was going to continue to insist that she actually remove poop from her body on a regular basis, she was going to show me but good and poop exclusively in the potty. Oooohhh... good one kid. Burn on Mommy.

The result is that 1) my kid appears to be considering potty training herself, 2) I now spend literally my entire life reading the same books over and over to a pants-less toddler perched happily in the middle of my living room (on a potty chair, obviously, give me some credit), and 3) yesterday I had to make good on the toy store promise.

This is what she chose:

Which, whatever, had to happen sometime, right? What amused me was when I noticed that, in what I assume is a bow to Disney's attempt to be "family friendly," Jasmine is wearing panties. Nevermind that if this chick were life-sized her boobs would be bigger than my head, we must protect our innocent children from the concept that people have genitalia. Although, you know, if that is your goal, maybe the mesh panties weren't the best choice.

Also, when you sit her down, she's got some major plumber's crack going on. It appears not even plastic Disney women are safe from the perils of low rise harem pants.

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Oh my, that made me giggle out loud... Plumber's butt on a Barbie... What will those Disney folks think of next?!

Oh, how I despaired about Barbies before they ever entered our house. I didn't want them to enter our house EVER, but alas it finally happened- a bday guest brought them each a Barbie as a gift.

I also dreaded the princess stage, but now we own MANY princess style dress-up dresses, and you know, they are SO WORTH it- they get used nearly every day. (Thankfully the Barbies at least are mostly abandoned in a bin somewhere...)

The plumber's crack? It makes me feel better about my own pants situation! =)

My Barbies never had on panties but one of my Ken dolls had an outline of tighty whities. It was...disturbing. The other Ken had what can only be described as a growth between his legs.

This is hilarious - if Princess Jasmine can't escape the perils of underwear showing above her low rise princess garb then TRULY we should all be forgiven for any instance of this.

whoo hoo!!!!! WTG Mia!!!!! Oh, and wtg mama for sticking with it!!! She will be fully potty trained soon.

I hate you.

For the potty training that is.

I would've gotten sneaky and not taken her anywhere NEAR that aisle. Although, they probably set it up so that's impossible.

Molded plastic underwear on dolls always pissed me off. And I'm dying laughing at Sparkle Pants' comment about Ken's "growth," because really. Why bother?

This made me snort coffee out of my nose.

I love her Mattel tramp stamp too!

I love her Mattel tramp stamp too!

That last photo makes me laugh out loud. I remember being really indignant as an 8 year old when I discovered that KEN had stamped on underwear but BARBIE did not. Even then, I could sense something sexist going on, though I couldn't define it at the time. Also? The stamped on stuff looked absurd. At least he never had to wear harem pants.

Um, firstly, HOORAY MIA! Secondly, yes, I highly encourage potty training oneself, so Mia, keep up the good work.

Thirdly, considering the vast amount of underpants-free cavorting many young Hollywood types have insisted upon lately, at least we can count on Disney to remember the unmentionables.

Is that a tramp stamp on her back?

Ha ha! "Low-rise harem pants"!

Aha! But she did not pick out a Bratz Doll! And really, pooping in the potty is SO worth it to own Jasmine and her net panties and harem pants!

Hooray for Mia!

It could've been worse, she could've found the Bratz aisle. And, at least it was a princess that could take care of herself and not one who was waiting for Prince Charming to save her.

I was sure it was going to be a Bratz doll.

At least it wasn't a Bratz doll.

Oh, poor Jasmine.

Oh wait, poor Beth. You have to read to someone who is taking a poop. Man, motherhood is hard.

Yeah for Mia!

I guess it could have been worse. She could have selected the Barbie with the pooper scooper and the pooping dog.

Ahhh....yes the Bratz dolls. Pretty white (or black) thongs. More war paint than any Indian would ever imagine putting on and hooker heels. Jasmine is much better with her plastic panties.

How totally awesome, Mia! This Cyber-Granny is sure proud of you!

Hee! That's so funny! Good for Mia, though. Monkey's not even CLOSE to getting her doctor's set (that's the toy she gets once she stops wearing diapers...).

happens when I wear my princess harem pants all the time.

YAY, Mia!

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