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The strangest things stick with me and become my most vivid memories. Like my freshman year of college, climbing the stairs to my fourth floor dorm room during a torrential rain storm and looking out the second story window to see that the security light mounted just below it made the raindrops look like needles of molten silver. Or hanging out the window at my parents' house to smoke a cigarette and lighting the filter end because I had no idea what I was doing. Or running around and around the trees in my front yard while the sun went down, knowing I was going to be forced inside and wishing the dusk would never deepen.

I would like to add this one: two nights ago, lying in bed with Mia listening to her new cd from Daddy, the first one where she requested "real" music. Mia had a handful of pretend ladybugs and I taught her to blow on them to make them fly away and then hold out her hand to let them come back. Those few minutes of blowing on our hands, staring with wonder towards the ceiling as our ladybugs flew away, and then gently catching them again so we could start again - I would like to remember that forever, please.

And this one: Owen nursing, holding my shirt, desperately tired and almost asleep, suddenly smiling just because he is happy and his life is good, and then sighing off to sleep with his cheek pressed against me. I'd like to keep that one too.

(P.S. Do any of you know who cut my grass today? A long shot, yes, but I don't know and Chris doesn't know, so I figure asking the internet makes as much sense as anything else. So, any thoughts?)

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A sweet neighbor/friend/relative that knows exactly what a couple with a newborn needs (after a few loads of laundry and a couple of nourishing meals), perhaps? Or maybe the hottie young repairman really did find you irresistable and came back just to win some points with you?

Cherish those sweet memories! I miss nursing my little guy and all those tender times....but now that he's about Mia's age....those are some great times, too. Guess it's time to have another and have some of both like you guys.

Well, it wasn't the same person who came over and snow plowed my driveway while I was in the hospital giving birth to my son, and didn't identify himself for a full year afterwards -- since I happen to have been at work all day with that person today. But it was surely someone cut from the same cloth. Life is good when it is filled with such good friends and such precious moments of connection with the little ones, no?

A Firefighter? With no shirt? That would be a treat, I bet.

Beautiful memories !

I think you moved into a GREAT neighbourhood !

I think it's the same person who mowed the Goon Squad's yard. Yeah, that sounds good.

Do you have any teenage boy neighbors? One when I was in elementary school our next doorneighbor came over and mowed our whole lawn with a push mower (the non-motorized kind) because he didn't want to do his homework.

My dad used to mow every lawn on the block when he decided it was time to do ours. He figured it'd be just as easy to do everyones as it would to do ours. So it was probably my dad. He says "You're Welcome."

And yes, I have moments like that as well. Little tiny spots I wish my brain would never erase. So perfect.

I've got an idea, since my yard got mowed today too. I'm glad one thing in your life is easier and gives you more time to enjoy sweet memories like these.

it was the grass-cutting fairies.

or failing that, it was a shirtless fireman :p

I did! :)

The hottie pediatrician cut your grass today. Heh.

The lawnboys from down the street did your house by mistake, instead of the house two doors down.

Think of it as a free sample?

Sweet, sweet memories.

I would suggest asking whichever neighbor has the longest grass if they recently signed up for lawn service... and if they're wondering when the lawn guys are going to show up.


It just had to be the 'HAWTNESS' cute boy from the other day who had a thing for you. Had to be.

Those are beautiful moments :-)

And I'm chosing to picture a hot shirtless fireman mowing your lawn, myself. It's a pretty big lawn, he'd have to be out there for a while...
Hey, whatever gets ya by ;0)

No no, Amy is totally right. Had to be Hotty Pediatrician. Who else would make any sense?

I want to remember the way Mister's tiny little arms feel wrapped around my neck in his own version of a bear hug. Also, Lady's stinking adorable way of doing just about everything. But if I had to pare it down, I'd definitely want to commit to memory the way she wakes me up in the morning by climbing into bed with me, softly leaning over and whispering in my ear, "Mommy, there's coffee."

I just found your blog. I love your writing style -- very evocative.

I started keeping a diary about moments like those with my boys. I feared I would forget some, there are so many things that I think I will never forget, but realize I have until something jogs my memory.

I hope those become vivid memories for you. Cherish!

And whoever mowed your lawn is welcome to do ours while my husband is recovery from major surgery!

I remember things that way as well... and logging them helps bring those images back up.

I mowed your yard. Too stalkerish?

I love the ladybugs. I think those are the moments that we are "Just Being" and they are so vivid because they are so basic and so real.

Also, I cut your grass. I drove from Atlanta and did it because that's how I roll. You're welcome.

I vote for the shirtless fireman. Mmmmmmmm. I love firemen. Firemen are tasty. Is it bad that I'm married to a cop and still find firemen Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty?

Love those memories!

Thanks for that, my milk just came in and I'm not even nursing. way to make me crave the baby years, thanks.

I know some people get annoyed or offended when someone mysteriously mows their lawn, but lawn mowing can be extremely satisfying. I love it.

Sometimes when I'm finished with ours, I look for more grass to mow because I don't want to be done!

It wasn't me, though. :)

I didn't cut your grass, but as I am catching up on reading your blog, I did notice you posted it should be cut a few days ago!


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