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Day o' Mom

It cracks me up how the one thing we all seem to want for Mothers' Day is time away from our children. Which hells yeah, I want that too. I also want all the dirty dishes scattered around my house to find their way into the dishwasher and for someone else to make dinner. But hey, there's always next year.

My favorite part of Mothers' Day was when Chris made this really nice breakfast of waffles with syrup and fresh strawberries and powdered sugar. For himself. What with cooking and cleaning for the lunch we were hosting and feeding two kids and trying to make them and myself presentable, I didn't manage to get breakfast myself. But that's sort of how I think mothering should be - the little people come first and you don't always get around to you.

My other favorite part of Mothers' Day was the Survivor finale. Which yes, I still watch that show, but don't worry, I'm not going to talk about it. I like the finale though because I like to see how everyone shows up at the end when they have access to showers and pizza and know they are going to be on national television. I always think they look better starved and unwashed on the island. Not so much with the men, who don't seem to change that much, but the women always look overly made-up and excessively primped and preened and fluffed and I always think wow, you should go back to being covered in mud because it really was a better look for you. Is that just me?

Meanwhile, I've lost my position as the only healthy person in this family, in that a) Mia seems largely recovered, aside from the fat lip she gave herself this morning, and b) I feel like hell. So I am off to drink tea and offer my children ponies if they will nap at the same time today.

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Happy Belated Mother's Day!! I hosted a meal myself which meant that I spent the entire day EXHAUSTED afterwards too (no kids yet, but 33 weeks pregnant so that counts as Mom to Be, right?)

Happy Mother's Day.

I hope you feel better soon. I hear chocolate bribes work.

Oh, it's not funny (yet somehow it is). Men just don't think sometimes, do they?

I bet he has a TOTALLY different idea about how it went for you, too.

Hope you feel better!

Hope you had a great mothers day. The Survivor finale was the highlight of my day too. But Parvoarti? Seriously?

I agree that the women look much better when they are dirty and not made up. They always look like hookers on the reunion shows..

they ALWAYS look better on the island...

I had to go out of town to attend a wedding and arrived home at noon on Sunday to discover that my husband had invited a work colleague over for dinner that night. So I spent Mother's Day in airports and on planes, followed by a frantic cleaning of the house. Nice. Although...he did coach my 2 year old son into saying Happy Mother's Day to me when they picked me up at the airport, which made my little heart melt, so don't be too mad at him... :)

I agree regarding Survivor - I still watch it and the ladies seem over done.

Sorry you are feeling poorly today. I hope you get well quickly. Bribe with ponies... hee that me chuckle b/c that is how I felt all weekend.

nope, not just you. the mud and buff wardrobe is definitely more appealing. and what was with amanda's giant earrings? too much with that puffy hair, if you ask me. hope you get some quiet time today!

Happy Mothers' Day, dear Beth! like Chris said, I think you are (one of the) World's Best Mom(s). :D

I agree with you about the Survivor ladies. I actually sent an IM to a friend of mine "Dude. Amanda looks really weird."

I kinda wish mother's day didn't exist since that way I wouldn't be disappointed, it would just be another day.

Maybe that's how MOTHERING should be, but that's not how Mother's Day should be. And even if the kids had to come first on that day, the husband certainly shouldn't. I seriously would have done something rash.

I'll bet on Administrative Professionals Day, the administrative professionals don't think, "You know, the way I'd REALLY love to spend my day is by answering phones and doing some typing!"

I haven't watched yesterday's Survivor yet, but I always think they look awful in the finales too.

I also always wonder how much "reality" is involved in those wilderness shots, because I have camped, and I don't know anyone who can look like Parvati does after sleeping in the woods for even 1 night.

oooohh...especially AMANDA - blech. she was way hotter on the island.

it isn't too early to offer french fries to owen...mmmm...sleeping children and french fries afterward. perfect antidote to a crazy "mother's" day!

I spend my mother's day driving across country because of a funeral on Friday. But he promises to make it up to me next weekend. Let's see, I'm not holding my breath.

um, yeah, that breakfast thing totally bites. my favorite thing about mother's day is that it comes before father's day. if i get shafted, so does he.

i can't remember what he did, but one year i gave him a vaccuum cleaner for father's day. AND HE DIDN'T GET THE HINT. i had to explain the counter shafting, and the need for him to do more housework if he wanted to continue to receive nice gifts and nookie.

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