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The first time I was pregnant, Chris and I were in violent agreement that our impending daughter would have a normal name. It would be a girl's name, it would be spelled the regular way, and it would be familiar to anyone who heard it. We didn't want her to be Emma B. for her entire life, but neither did we want her to be the only Kumquat she ever met. And then, one day Chris sent me an email suggesting that we name her after some random town in Italy, to which neither of us had never been. I have no idea where he got the name, and since he now denies that this ever happened neither does he, but he tried to sell me on it by telling me there was an ancient amphitheater there. I shot him down, we moved on, and Amelia eventually emerged victorious.

With pregnancy #2 we had the same plan - a normal name. And then, in the middle of Mia's mommy and me class one morning, I decided I had the perfect name for our son. It wasn't normal, many people would have no idea how to spell it, it may be familiar to some, but not as a first name, and I was fairly sure he would never meet another one. But I didn't care, this was the name. I even went so far as to run it by Swistle (didn't you know she was my Top Secret Internet Baby Name Consultant?) and got her somewhat qualified approval. I used this name in my head for weeks before I concluded that, for no reason in particular, it just wasn't this baby's name. But I still sort of love it, so I am throwing it out there in the hopes that someone else will love it too and use it and then I will get to take all the credit.

The name is....

*trumpets* *drumroll* *etc.*


Come on, you know that totally rocks.

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ACTUALLY. I love that name. But I do love it for a girl, surprisingly enough. You may have given me the best idea ever. Thank you.

According to Its source is an Old English expression meaning "Old friend." I like it-but it would be a name my husband would instantly veto like Aiden, Hunter, Carter, or Noah.

I am delurking to say that is one of my FAVORITE names (just as this is one of my top 3 FAOVRITE blogs!) I absolutely adore both!

I am delurking to say that is one of my FAVORITE names (just as this is one of my top 3 FAOVRITE blogs!) I absolutely adore both!

auden? i know and love the name aiden, but auden?

how does one pronounce auden?!


Oh, that is an awesome name... Auden. I like it! It, unfortunately, is one my husband would SHOOT DOWN. Not that he's even on board with having a 4th child, and even if we DID have a 4th, I'm quite sure we only make girl babies... I do hope someone uses it though!

So is that "ow-den" or "ah-den" or none of the above?

And - I am all for interesting names.

I actually like Owen better. It might be the twin brother of Aiden.

I also like it for a girl. If it is pronounced "Awe-den", that is.

Is it Odd-en or Ow-den??

It's different and I'm pretty sure I could come to love it.


That name is AWESOME! I love it. Perhaps it is the literary geek in me?

I like it :) It's unique without being weird haha.

That would totally work for us, seeing as all three of our kid's names start with A. Except I'm not planning on having anymore children...the youngest is ten and I'm years out of diapers and sippy cups. Maybe I could use it for a pet?

i actually know a baby auden!!!

Eh, not loving it, sorry. Aiden is nice, but Auden? Sounds like Audio or Audible. Or, Aw, din! I don't know, it doesn't do it for me.

I know, I know, it is tough when someone doesn't love your name. Happened to me with ..oh I can't even remember the name, but it was Irish, with a Gaelic spelling. I loved it. Everyone else, not so much.

BTW, I read, but don't comment. Figured I would change that, since I really like comments, too. It's a time thing, as you know.

How do you pronounce that? The German pronunciation (isn't your surname German?) is "ow-den" and the American would be "aww-den".

I love that name. We are expecting #3 and since #1(son) and #2(daughter) are both "A" names we are of course trying to keep with the theme. Unfortunately Auden sounds too much like #1's name being spoken by someone with a speech impediment- his name is Austen. #2 is Avery. We are stuck on Asher for #3(boy) or Aeryn for #3(girl).

i think Noah Wyle has a girl named Auden
(and a boy named Owen, actually)

Um, I don't know. It is kind of awesome but if I saw that out of context, I think I would assume someone spelled Aiden wrong.

You can't go by me though. I actually remember suggesting the name Seraphim for my son. My husband remembers that I offered up a really ridiculous name but he cannot remember what it was and I refuse to tell him. Thank God he shot it down. I mean, I would eventually have come to my senses. My kids have very very regular names (Seraphim turned into Joe for example). I don't know what came over me.

Not that Auden is like Seraphim. Auden is definetly much cooler. I'm just saying, this may be why there are two parents.

I like Owen better, though!

Auden was a great poet. :)

We just concluded our baby naming drama so I am determined to not like any name other than the one we chose until the birth certificate is signed. But if I wasn't boycotting - I would like that one!

I know a little boy Auden (for the poet) and have always loved his name.

I'm with Ali, my first thought was that you were getting very creative with spelling Aidan, which many people are doing these days I guess. In fact, the baby name wizard's blog is on this very thing this week! (I am not the baby name wizard, just like reading about names.....)

Dude, I totally know a kid named Audin. I like it. I'm still going with Oscar for my hypothetical-second-boy-child.

Love it. Wouldn't go with the last name. Also, a similar name that works for girls is Arden.

Love it. Wouldn't go with the last name. Also, a similar name that works for girls is Arden.

Auden? That's an odd 'un ...

Sorry, had to be done.

Auden? Sounds too much like "autistic". I am NOT making fun of austism btw.

Man, I like Owen so so much better!

And I shouldn't be critical of your hypothetical name, but you do sort of lay it out there for the whole 'net. You know. But I love your site and Chris' too. You guys are both must reads for me every day. :)

There is an Auden in my daughter's Wiggleworms class! It's the only Auden I've met or even heard of. I like it, but I really love Owen. I love it so much that it made my list. But I don't think Owen is the name of this boy in my belly. Any ideas for me? We seem to be simpatico on names. Amelia was on the list for my firstborn. We chose Avery instead, but I still really love Amelia.

I also plan on consulting Swistle about this boy name. She's good! ( introduced me to Swistle, so thanks!)

I really like the name Owen :)

OK, when I first read it I was all 'not so much' and then after reading the comments it started to grow on me. And now I am rather liking it!

And Owen? Ewwww! I knew a guy called Owen and he was all kinds of weird. Funny how people wreck names for you isn't it?

I'm with Eclecta...the first thing I thought of was autism. However, I think I could like it once I got used to it. ...maybe? =)

Auden like the poet, right? I'm pretty sure that's Noah Wyle's (Carter from ER) daughter's name. Incidentally, his son's name is Owen.

Of course, the real question is what am I NOT remembering because useless info like this is taking up valuable space in my brain.

Great name though.

I was reserving judgment until I realized it's a real name. (I hate made-up names.) I like Aiden but it's terribly common now. I also love Arden, but for a girl. Don't know if the mister would go for it, though.

He's my favorite poet :)

oh, I love that name. We use 'A' names in this house, since both my husband and I have first names that start with A's anyway.

I need the perfect name for my girl.
Any suggestions?

Auden is my son's middle name. I very much wanted to use it as his first name, but couldn't quite talk my husband into it. I figure he can go by J.Auden LastName when he polishes up the great American novel.

A grown friend of ours named Auden goes by Dunny, which I think is kind of cute--though not much work to get from there to "Dummy". I'm surprised so many people are wondering how to pronounce Auden.

When I was pregnant with Noah and CONVINCED he was a she for a brief first trimester, I wanted wanted wanted to call her Toby.

Chris would have NO part of it, and insisted Gretchen was the name we were going with she was infact a she (which she wasn't).

Gretchen? SERIOUSLY? A fine German name, he says.


I personally really like the name Auden -- but I now know two children with that name (both girls) so that will veto it. I'm sticking to the name Katheryn Ailish (pronounced I-lish) for now.

PS -- I like Owen :O)

LOVE it but my husband would NEVER agree to it. ::sobs::

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