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Help needed

Dudes, has anybody seen the lid to the peanut butter?

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I'm pretty sure it was thrown over the side of our deck.

That's where everything seems to end up these days, anyway.

No but some foil or saran wrap with a rubber band will work nicely.

I believe it's between the couch cushions.

My bets are the dryer. The socks were hungry :)

....sorry. I hadn't had lunch yet and it was the closest thing to my hand.

Under the couch is the favorite hiding place in my house.
Is the jelly lid missing too?

I think Iris has it... maybe you guys could come over for playdate and we'll be able to send it home with you.... what? you don't want to wrangle two kids on a cross-country flight to Oregon? Seriously?

Is it in the fridge? Sometimes that's where I put things back that were meant for the pantry.

It's probably under all those bills, school papers, and junk that have accumulated on your counter.
Oh, wait... maybe that's where MY lost stuff is hiding. Your counters are probably much cleaner than mine.

did you check under the fridge and under the stove? when something hits the floor in the kitchen, those two are like vacuums...

I think it slid under the pantry door.

Yeah, it's being used as a boat. Of course.

Did you check the cat box? Sadly, that's where things end up here. I have no idea how or why. I do know the cats destroy the house, I have proof!

I give, but when you find it, tell me. Maybe it'll be a short person clue on where that damned stash of sidewalk chalk is in my house. : )

In your underwear drawer next to the thong your in-laws gave you and on top of your vibrator.


If you have an unopened jar, you can steal the lid from that one: the unopened one will be protected by its inner seal.

It rolled under the oven.

Oh, sorry. This is yours?

Not to be obvious, but I don't suppose it's on the peanut butter jar?

No? Well then, how about in the dishwasher?

Are *someone's* little people using it for a table, sunshade, or transportation? Perhaps a flotation device? No? Under the oven is the deathzone for such items here (sadly, all covered with dog hair.)

Probably in the trash...

At any given time, for some reason, we have several open jars of peanut butter...I have found the lids on the back patio enjoying some nice cool weather.

If it's not there, and you have a toddler in the house, chances are it ended up in the trash. With your car keys, your phones, and all of the GOOD contents of your purse.

The Maid

Peanut butter lids are soooo 2005. ;-)

My guess is that it slid down between the frig and the cupboard next to the frig.

Just go to store and steal the top off another peanut butter jar. Nobody will even notice.
Or you could just eat peanut butter for breakfast, lunch and supper for the next couple of days till it's gone and buy a new jar.
Too funny!

Perhaps it's in the Toddler Void with my potato peeler and ipod headphones, which disappeared many months ago.

Give it up for gone and replace the jar.

Sorry, I thought it was mine. Here you go.....

I betcha Mia might be playing with it. Or the hubby is playing a cruel joke.

The DVD-player? Maybe Mia thought it was a Backyardigan DVD :)

Please don't find it in the toilet, please don't find it in the toilet, please don't find it in the toilet.

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