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If I die, he's fucked

Him: Do we have a copy of the phone bill around here?
Me: Yes.
Him: Where would it be?
Me: In the filing cabinet.
Him: Oh. Where's the filing cabinet?
Me: Dude, seriously?
Him: Oh. Right.
Me: (rolls eyes)
Him: Hey, what would it be filed under?
Me: The phone bill?
Him: Yeah.
Me: I'm gonna go with "Phone."

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That would totally happen in my house. Totally. Although I suppose the husband would first ask if we get a phone bill.

Without him, you'd have no questions to answer, though.

ah yes, I know this dance well.

That would happen in my house, but in our scenario I am him. Gah!

You should quick show him where the food and toilet paper live... just in case.

This totally sounds like me and my husband!

You didn't ask him WHY he wanted the phone bill?

Heh, OMG that is hysterical!

I don't think my husband knows that we get a phone bill. I think he still believes in the phone fairy.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's in the same boat as Chris.


So after 30+ years of living in the same house as always, with everything in the same place as always, my father STILL can't find the spoons in the drawer if he had a map. It's very comical, but also a little worrisome. My mission in life is to make sure Sweetie can find the spoons in the event of my sudden demise.


When I'm writing in the checkbook, I always make things EXTRA CLEAR (way clearer than I need them), just in case I die and Paul has to figure things out. (But will he know where to find the checkbook? Or what it's FOR?)

Ok, Chris is me, and you are my husband.

They have no idea, do they - those wonderful husbands . . .

Ah yes. A conversation I might have had in one form or another most of my married life.

My husband has this problem in the kitchen or with anything that has to do with food. If I die, he is going to wither away or live on take out.

I am so proud of your husband for taking it one step further than mine ever has. I don't think he knows we get a phone bill. Maybe one day I will sit him & the 5 year old down & explain the way bills, checkbooks, banks work. Your post was hilarious.

Hah oh boy! Most couples seem to operate in a sort of financial responsibility polarity, by the looks of it! That's quite funny :)

OK so that could totally be a conversation with my husband on any given day, about any given subject location... as if in the 7 years we've lived in the house I moved stuff around JUST TO MESS WITH HIM!

we are exactly the opposite :)

we are exactly the opposite :)

Once I asked my husband to unload the dishwasher and if he didn't know where something went, to just leave it on the counter. He basically unloaded the contents of the dishwahser onto the counter. I asked him "Dude, do you live here?"

My husband is too. I know where everything is and he has not a clue, plus I know the passwords to the kids' webkinz and we all know what would happen if I took those to the grave. :)

Well, THAT made me laugh out loud. Sometimes I do miss those sort of conversations...

ha! I loved that post. Good to see I'm not alone... or better yet, hubby's not the only one that would be lost without his better half!

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