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June Effing Cleaver (reprise)

Mia loves to bake. Cookies, cakes, brownies, most especially cupcakes. Her ideal is to bake something chocolate that she can then decorate with sprinkles. And so, we bake. Sugar cookies, gingerbread men, shitty cupcakes from a box, decent brownies also from a box, etc. I hate it.

Mia wants to do all the measuring and pouring, which means there is going to be flour or shitty cupcake mix all over my kitchen, and I spend the whole time trying to keep her fingers out of the mixer blades and the raw egg out of her mouth and her head out of the oven. Every couple of weeks I brace myself and embark on another kitchen adventure, because that is the kind of fabulous selfless mom that I am, but I dread it every time.

Yesterday though, I found the perfect solution. You know those peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses on top? Well, unwrapping four dozen pieces of chocolate is an excellent way to keep a toddler busy while you do all of the non-toddler-appropriate prep work. Brilliant! Well, except for the part where I ate an entire dozen cookies between taking them out of the oven and getting them boxed up for "later." Dude! Those things are small! A dozen is, like, no more than eight regular sized cookies. Totally.

(BTW, I live on candy and cookies and ice cream and have lost two pounds in the past two weeks. God I love nursing.)

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This is my son too. He loves that shit. I am like "Honnney Matthew wants to help bake/cook. Come help!" and then I leave. I just have no patience for it. Maybe I suck like that but I just cannot deal with it. They make Blueberry pancakes together every Saturday morning while I hide, er, I mean catch some extra sleep! I hope one day I can be patient like that. OH and I love those little peanut butter cookies and they are small plus they have peanut butter in them which means they cannot be THAT bad SO eat away!

I have a four year old kitchen helper, who sucks her fingers. So the entire time I telling her to get her fingers out of her mouth or we are washing her hands. Gr...

It is kind of sweet to see them in the kitchen though.

I was lucky enough to be like that while pregnant. Now? not so much.

And, I'm so hungry for chocolate. So.Hungry!

OOOOO your diet sounds like mine... I have been living on Marshmallows and Ice Cream... I am hoping it doesn't catch up with me in my LAST week of pregnancy... like SURPRISE!!

Eating crap and still losing weight? You give me hope for after because I'm feeling quite blimp like.

Another good job for a toddler is putting muffin cups in the muffin pan. My almost 3 year old was entertained the entire time while I did the non-kid friendly tasks. She was very particular about peeling away only one muffin cup and placing it in exactly the right spot in the muffin tin. Then when she finally had them all full she decided to take them out and do it again with different colors. She got to help and I didn't have to cringe about raw eggs and flour being flung all over the kitchen!

Cole likes to help me make pizza- he gets to sprinkle the cheese around. The dog likes it, too.

I hate cooking and baking as well. I suppose I might have to learn some stuff if I raise children some day, eh? Last week, one of my friends tried to teach me how to make a cake. I can't have dairy or eggs, so the recipe (which I didn't record) was exceptionally easy and the batter could be eaten without getting a disease. Plus, no blender! (Good thing, since I don't have a blender.)

Our local two year old relative isn't a big baking fan, but man, he LOVES to wash dishes. So I end up with soapy water all over the kitchen, but the joy he gets from it is so priceless!

Well, my two favorite jobs -- unwrapping things and loading muffin cups -- have already been mentioned. But there is also a pretty good job to be had in stirring with her own small whisk. Emphasize s-l-o-w stirring as preferable for thorough mixing, and then far less gets spilled as you do the measuring and pouring. We also spend a lot of time discussing icing colors and patterns, which tends to distract from what I'm doing instead of allowing them to do.

Last christmas I did the same thing and I totally agree. That's our new favorite cookie to bake.

God, you are totally lucky. I NEVER lost weight while BF'ing ... it just was slower to come back.

And now I want cookies. Awesome.

Only every couple of weeks? Child #4 is currently calling from the kitchen where he wants to make a recipe - his version of baking - which involves pulling everything out of the cabinet and putting most of it in a bowl to see what it turns into, all of which must be done while sitting on the floor, because otherwise it is not a recipe. I have gotten him to accept some basic guidance and to begin with a vague idea of what he wants to finish with, but otherwise he makes all decisions. And Child #4 will then insist on making real cookies for the fourth time this week and there is no telling that child no when it comes to cookies . . .

Okay, here's something for you guys to try: get a box of brownie mix with chocolate chunks in it. Triple chocolate, whatever it's called. When it's all mixed, put in an entire bag of peanut butter chips. Yes, an entire bag. Bake. Enjoy.

this is what my sister-in-law did with me when i was a kid. we'd make rice krispie treats. which involves no baking. just marshmellows and rice krispies.

i helped with the mixing. the microwaving of the marshmellows. and finally? once she had cut them into squares, i was in charge of decorating. she gave me all kinds of frosting and i went to town.

I love baking with Elizabeth because she doesn't like anything on her hands, so all she wants to do is watch while I get to do it my way. i want sweets.

Boy, you're brave. I only let Addy "slurp" the mixer.

3 words: Easy Bake Oven

Boo loves to cook too. I have gotten around it by convincing him it is much more fun! and exciting! to make stuff out of playdough. In the yard. And feed it to the neighbours dog...

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