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Later, gators

Sick toddler plus sick infant plus beshingled husband plus the brunch I am hosting on Sunday equals I do not have time to talk to you people right now. Instead, you can hit my much neglected flickr account to score some bonus shots of the world's happiest baby, who kept me up literally all night last night but was so damned sweet and happy about it that I can't even bring myself to complain.

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Fine. Be that way. Then we won't comment.

Crap. Too late.

Hope all are well soon.

I remember living through nightmares like the one you are having. My worst ever was 7 summer weeks of chicken pox. It was a rolling wave of children under the weather starting with my two, then my sister sent hers over to "get it over with" and my nephews, ibid. There was no actual bloodshed, but in my mind I could have given Freddy Kruger a run for his money!

Bask in your well-deserved attention and sympathy on Sunday.

p.s. I LOVE those bumbo seats!

Good Luck!

Hope the cactus fish house resumes to normal soon.

Happy baby pictures are always welcomed.

URG, hate sick kids, hate being sleep deprieved especially when there are parties to plan/host.

Hope you get on top again soon!

Shaping up to be quite a brunch :) Good luck over there, hope you get a compensatory good night's sleep tonight. invitation to the brunch must have gotten lost in the mail. Have a good weekend.

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