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Mia Monday #120: Adventures in Naptime Edition

Mia was trying something new.

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My son sleeps across his bed, at the foot of his bed, half hanging off his bed... anything to avoid the traditional head-on-pillow position.

I am so jealous of that little girl right now... b/c I could desperately use a nap...
and of course b/c I love her purple butterfly room!!

I'm always shocked at the odd positions Edan sleeps in. Then, on the nights she has a nightmare and comes to sleep in our bed, I'm shocked at how much she rolls, fidgets and kicks. :)

LOL, I love it.

I wasn't much of a girly-girl and never played with dolls/stuffed animals much until bedtime. Suddenly I was driven by the urge to have all my dolls in bed with me and of course they went in first, leaving me with the foot of the bed or a sliver of the edge to sleep on. Fun times! Love the purple room. Never fails to make me jealous that I don't have one just like it.

Cute picture. I am amazed at the positions and places my daughter chooses to sleep in.

Cute! I have a series of pictures of Z in various odd sleeping positions.

I just love Mia's room! It's beautiful!

It never fails to amaze me how my son sleeps; all over the place! Until last night when we got him into his big boy bed and he stayed still all night!

I am sure that it made perfect sense to her...
Her bed looks enormous, wish I could look that small in a twin :)

She looks so small in this photo! (But adorable, of course ...) I think in other photos there isn't so much space around her, so it's harder to realize how little she really still is.

A beautiful photo, especially with the light from the window touching her face. :)

Beautiful! Her room is gorgeous too!

Is that a toddler pillow on her bed? If so, where did you get it? I've been looking all over for one of those, but I can't find one. Thanks.

I love the wallies :) Very cute.

As long as she is sleeping, right? If my husband let me, I would decorate our bedroom exactly like Mia's.

I spent YEARS sleeping like this, with my head at the foot of the bed. Drove my mother absolutely batshit - she couldn't figure it out and I couldn't explain it. It just... worked better that way.

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