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Mia Monday #122: The Many Faces of Mia Edition

Mia says that this is her sad face:

And this is her happy face:

And this is my "the toddler hasn't napped in over a week" face:

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No naps??? Say it ain't so! Button will be napping until she's 11 if I have anything to say about it.

In her first picture she looks just like your sad face.

I love the faces. :-)

At least she napped throughout your pregnancy right? (I'm trying to be positive. LOL) My Amelia gave up napping when I was 6 months pregnant. I was not amused!

Oh crap. I'll be having a second child when my son is 2.5. I was just saying to my husband today that I will go completely batty if KJ stops napping when I have a small newborn-ish baby also in the house. I NEED that 2 hours a day to recharge myself in preparation for the afternoon/evening. My heart goes out to you...

Oh poor, poor Mommy!

Eek! You poor thing!

Oh no! At least you can take comfort in the fact that she is truly adorable.

I'm beginning to think reading parents blogs while pregnant is not a good idea!
Mia is adorable but i can see how tired i'm going to be and you have two!
I've not even had the first one yet!
Hope Mia naps for you today!
Pol x

That last one makes me want to cry for you.


no no no no no no no.

I still mourn the fact that my daughter stopped napping. I hope it's temporary for you.

SO sorry about the no naps....but I need to know about the tiny footprints on Mia's hand? They look too small to be Owen's? Adorable either way!

that last face could also be referred to the "see my previous post about sex" face :)

That sucks. My 2 1/2 yr old hasn't been napping very much for quite some time. We've been working on quiet time. He has to stay in his room alone and play or read quietly. A few times it's worked great. Other times he just yells and keeps leaving his room to find me.

Like I said, we're 'working' on it. I figure once our baby comes (any minute now) at least being able to put him in his room for a while will help.

I feel for you though. Especially when they still need the nap, but won't take it.

You poor thing! Hopefully she gets back on schedule.

Some ass-vice for you...
When Seth was about 2.5, he refused to nap anymore. We were told, by his doctor (thank god!), that even though he wasn't sleeping, he should have "rest time".

From that point on, we told him that, even if he didn't sleep, he had to "have a rest". He had to stay in bed and he had to have the main light off. He could look at books and play quietly, but he had to stay in there for at least 1.5 hours. He got to the point where he loved his rest time and would even ask for it.

Might be something to try with Mia. Who knows! Every child is different.

No naps? The horror!

Awwwww. Maybe walking a baby mile in the morning would help? Tunnel Town, something like that? Then a big lunch full of carbs. Yeah, that'd do the trick.

The rule in my house was you napped until you turned 5. My littlest just turned 5 and now I'm making the sad face because I love to nap.

It must be this age, Molly started the no napping thing last week. We have told her that it's fine if she doesn't sleep but she has to have quiet time in her room with lights off. She is allowed to look at books but she must stay in her bed and rest for at least 1 hour. Thankfully she can't tell time yet so she will usually stay quietly in there for about and hour and a half before she starts wanting me to come talk to her. Oh and on Tuesday and Sunday she actually fell asleep, so there is some hope. Good luck.

The saddest face yet! I hope he comes around and starts napping for you again.

Ha! I love your face best! Elizabeth has stopped napping, too (she'll be three next month). Edward still naps, but Elizabeth is clearly done for good. I make her have quiet time in our room (right around the corner from the computer room), and I'm having...mixed success with that.

I'd be crying too.

Her eyes are so pretty.

Oh my gosh, she's so cute, (that is when she's not my kid that's not napping.) I want to see more of that painting in the background, the colors are beautiful

Hey, look at the bright side - that means she'll go to sleep earlier at night!

oh my! Mia looks just like you!

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