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Mia Monday(ish) #123: Family Portrait Edition

Yesterday, Chris and I schlepped the kids to a local park for a picnic lunch and some walking on laser beams. (Ask Mia about that one.) While Chris had both kids, I tried to get a lovely shot of my little family. Naturally, Mia was not in the mood to cooperate.

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Those are beautiful Beth. You have a lovely little family!

I love her rosey little cheeks!!!

They are so cute! I can't believe how big Owen is (and I mean that in a good way!) My son was born on the same day as Owen and is a little peanut! Owen is adorable!

Classic! You have a beautiful family.

What a little chunker Owen is!! So adorable! Mia's little legs are getting so long! And did the lasers get her knees? Laser burns?

Oh man, skinned knees and shorts just screams summer in the best possible way!

Aren't you clever getting mia's outfit match her rosey cheeks. You have an adorable family.

I want to join the picnic :) they are adorable!

Gorgeous family pics!
You DO have a lovely family - you are so lucky :)

That third picture may be the sweetest thing I've seen ever!

ha! I can't imagine getting two children to cooperate for a photo. The pics turned out great though.

I love that Owen just Totally does not care :). I *love* family

That is hilarious, I don't think Mia could have been any more uncooperative for that photo shoot. I mean, I guess she could have totally gone out of the shot but good grief she came close!

Owen is positively bubbly delicious. He looks great in his jumper suit and very happy to be outside. The photos are wonderful and at least Mia's smiling right? No one's crying which is always good.

Beautiful people! All of them!

Rosey cheeks are a must for this chic.
The Maid

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