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Oh fuck me

Owen is teething.

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Eeek! My oldest got her first two teeth at 3 months. At least bottom teeth don't interfere with nursing much. Hopefully he won't be too miserable.

I get the idea that if I don't get the chance to visit your blog in a week or so I'll come back only to read Owen has already started college. ;)

I've heard the bigger a child is the earlier he teeths. Good luck.

Well before I read about the teething part, I thought your title referred to you the hubby's topic of the day.

Good luck with *all* of that jazz.

Oh man, my first child got two teeth at 3 months! That just sucked!

This is EXACTLY why I haven't read the What to Expect in the First Year books because this type of information makes me cringe and shiver and get very very concerned that this whole giving birth part may not be the scariest thing to come.

The mini started teething around 2.5 months or so. That doesn't mean the teeth came in soon after that. Oh, no. It was like, 5 months after that. I loved those five months.

As we say here in the south, "Oh, bless your heart!"

Ugh :-/ Best of luck, and all that.

Is it that time already?? HOLY SMOKES!! Good luckk with that...

Already? Wasn't he just born yesterday?

Teething sucks. Elliot is 9 months and has 8 teeth and it's been the biggest PITA for the past 3. I'm so over it.

Wow. Meghan was a late teether and didn't get her first teeth until about eight months old. Lucky you! Not.

WOW. I second the "bless your heart" comment!

My Sympathies....

They can do that so soon? Yikes!

My oldest son started teething at 2 months. He had ALL his teeth, inculding his 1 year molars, at 10 months. I feel your pain, and I am sorry babe.

Oh honey! Early teething: NOT fun. Hang in there!

My Owen got his first tooth at 4 months!! By 5 months he had his front 4 teeth, with 4 more showing up by 6 months! He wasn't a biter, so we nursed until 11 months. He stalled at 8 teeth from 6 months until he started again at 11 months. He's been getting a new tooth or 2 every month since then. Now at 17 months he has every tooth but his 2 year molars! I swear the second child does EVERYTHING faster than the first!

What in the world do you do with all that parmesan? Just curious:)

Ok here's what my pediatrician told me when my youngest started teething at 4 months. The minute he bites, push his nose into your boob. It's exactly the opposite of what you WANT to do, but do it anyway. When your boob covers his nose, he can't breathe, and he will reflexively open his mouth to get air. Took Preston all of one time to learn NOT to bite.

I also let him teethe on frozen mini-bagels and those round, too-big-to-choke-on pieces of beef jerky. He LOVED the jerky.

Good luck and keep at least a half-glass of wine in the house at all times.

Declan too. 3rd baby tooth is hanging by a thread.

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