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Owen Wednesday #12: Toes Edition

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He gets cuter every week!

He is just too cute. It's actually kinda painful!

Oh man, that grin... THAT GRIN!

(And he seems to be developing his own "look"... he looks less like Mia in those photos than in other ones.)

Oh Beth, he is just adorable! And his Mom ain't too bad either!

Hehe... That kid has some seriously long little piggies!! What a cutie!

I have such a thing for baby toes. I hate grown up feet, but baby toes are the sweetest. & look at those cheeks!

Cuteness overload!

oh perfect! I was just looking for something to snack on.

yummy, some nibbly toes with my coffee. Love the mommy/son picture!

These pictures are great - he looks like such a happy litle squishable nugget! I especially love the last one of the two of you - you look EQUALLY as happy!

I so want to nibble on those cute little toes!! They have always reminded me of little niblets of baby corn (I blame pregnancy for these strange cravings)..

Great Pics!!

Wait was Chris involved in his conception at all?? Owen looks 100% like YOU!! look soo young and refreshed for having a newborn and toddler to care for!

He is adorable - those toes are almost as long as his fingers! :-)

That smile just melts my heart! He is adorable!! And you, well, you are just so sexy for a mom of two. :-)

Oh. My. Goodness. Cuuuuuute!!!!!

I think baby toes are the whole point of having children. That and toddler dancing.

The second-to-last picture is terminally adorable. In the last one, though, the dude's eyes look either surprised or possessed. Still cute, sure, but astonished, nevertheless.

He couldn't look any more like you if he tried!

The last picture is priceless, AND? you totally look 17-ish. No wonder the hawt young thang at your home a few weeks ago was checking you out.

What a gorgeous little guy!

Oh, how I love baby toes. I wish I could smell his baby feet, and his baby neck and his baby head.

Those ARE some good toes, but the cheeks are seriously outstanding.

I love the third picture. Nothing beats the big baby smiles, I think it's the absence of teeth that does it.

You must have the best mommy-talk voice in the world because that kid is one smiley boy.

I love to see pictures of you included, btw. You both look great.

baby toes! love!

He looks like his mama, to cute!

good lord. i may have to stop reading here until sometime after owen and mia become surly teenagers. this is making me think another baby would be so sweet! they are both of them so completely precious. oh the toes!

Well aren't the two of you about the cutest things ever! I'm afraid if I were there I wouldn't be able to resist nibbling on his little toes - even though that sounds pretty gross, really :P

good lord. i may have to stop reading here until sometime after owen and mia become surly teenagers. this is making me think another baby would be so sweet! they are both of them so completely precious. oh the toes!

Oh. My. Gosh. LOVE those toes! Please tell me you've made a cast of those little feet so that when he is 6'4" and wearing a size 14 you can remember!

You are beautiful, Beth.

You are a beautiful Mommy!!


You are a beautiful Mommy!!

I love toes too!


Aww. Baby toes! The only kind I can stand to look at. Seriously though, how is it possible for toes to be adorable? Because these are.

Oh my GOODNESS what a happy baby!

You have just made my wednesday complete with cuteness. Owen is a doll and you are such a beautiful mommy, wait till owen can tell you that you're beautiful. My 2 year old just recently started telling me this. He learned that it gets him out of just about anything. :)

His smile is wonderful! And baby toes are the cutest!

Look how beautiful you two are.

Mmmm baby toes.

You know, I promised myself I would try and find something else to leave in your comments other than variations on the theme of the cuteness of your children, but then you post pictures like these (especially #3 - oh my god that grin, I could melt) and I find that I am utterly incapable of anything more intelligent than a variation on the theme of you make beautiful babies.

And also, I could eat those toes.

He (and his toes) get cuter ever week. You guys should just change your last name to "Cute."


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