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Owen Wednesday #13: Bathtime Edition

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He is just too cute for words! I just want to wrap him up in that blanket and snuggle. How do you get anything done? I'd never be able to put him down.

Aww, sweet boy! And that dimple...!

You say that this kid cries and keeps you up, but I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.

Awww, such a happy baby!

He must smile ALL THE TIME!! How can you stand it??

He's so happy!!! And cute!

Oh my goodness, he just is he sweetest boy!

You know, Beth, it's too bad your kids just aren't cute or happy... Sheesh.

What's he wearing, like 12 month clothes now? You two average-height people made a huge baby and this amuses me to no end.

He's damn cute, too.

Nothing brightens a dreary day like baby smiles! He is so sweet.

I think the overwhelming cuteness will cancel out the disappointment of not seeing Owen Wednesday on Wednesday.

That smile just slays me. Gah!

Ok, is he even capable of not being happy? Every photo you share is full of his smiles. He's so damn cute! And happy! I'm jealous!

He's such a cutie! I wanna blog raspberries on his little buddha belly :P

Seriously, your children are too cute...

Thank you! I had the worst day but I came home and saw that grin and I feel so much better. :)

Big Beautiful Bubbly Baby!!!


What a happy little tot!

His smile is contagious.

That is one heck of a happy baby!!!

LOVE his smile.

Bathtime was always the funnest time of day!

My kids loved their baths. (Unless Nana did it, then they got really annoyed).

Now I have to handcuff my boys to the tub to make sure they wash behind their ears. LOL

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