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Owen Wednesday #14: Hands! Edition

Happiness is finally figuring out that those floppy things at the ends of your arms are specifically designed for getting the purple elephant into your mouth.

And proof that my child isn't always smiling. Although admittedly it took me over a week to capture these Mildly Annoyed shots.

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Sure he may look mildly annoyed, but all I can see is cute toothless gums, My how I miss the gummy smile!

Sure he may look mildly annoyed, but all I can see is cute toothless gums, My how I miss the gummy smile!

Oh how totally adorable!

Ahhh the hands. Now he knows they are there, here comes years of Owen grabbing things he's not supposed to...a very male trait?

Awwwww!! I was wondering if he ever cried or got annoyed. He's even adorable when he's crying!

Yes, but even NOT smiling, he is still spectacularly handsome.

But even grumpy, he's still adorable! :)

Kara has the same elephant in red, and he's a favorite in our house, too.

What a cutie Owen is. And he looks so much like Chris!

We regret to inform you that this poster, Jen, South Florida, died from the cuteness in your post.

You have ADORABLE children.

Aside from my baby girl, who is almost 2 and acting every bit of it. Sigh..

Sorry, still adorable.

He is just too adorable!

Okay, I'm really, really sorry but I have to say this. In the grumpy pictures your adorable (ADORABLE) baby looks a little like, um, well, um...Don Rickles.

*ducks and runs*

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