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Owen Wednesday #15: Monday in the Park Edition

Ok ok, I know that this is my kid and that everybody thinks their own kid is impossibly gorgeous, but come on - this kid is impossibly gorgeous.

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You are correct...this kid IS impossibly gorgeous!

He is positively gorgeous!!! It is not just because he is your kid that you think that...he just is.

Yeah, as far as strange babies go, I'd pick him out of a crowd for chunky wrist nibbling.

How could he not be! He's so edible!

Yep, it's not just you - he's a keeper!

He is beautiful. Does Owen sleep more than me did? If so, then I bet you are happy.

He IS ridiculously good looking. Also, that shirt is way cute.

He's impossibly gorgeous AND impossibly great for snacking *nom nom nom*

So sweet in the sunshine!

It's not just you, he's beautiful. And squishy and smiley. Beth, I think you've got a keeper there for sure.

ooo yeah. definitely a keeper. I can now enjoy without being jealous seeing as how baby has been sleeping like a log (7pm to 6am) since I evicted her from our bedroom in disgust!

Yes, he is!

he is beautiful... although i'm pretty sure my baby is cuter... all joking aside, looking at these pictures, you can see so much of his personality that you can see who he is going to be as a boy and as a young man, too. and i'm thinking that he's going to be easy-going, loved by all, very popular (because he'll actually be kind, too) and have a great sense of humor. every class needs an owen. i can just see it. lucky you are.

Yup, ovaries just twinged, he is a cute,happy cactus-fish baby. You are correct.

That last one with the sunglasses made me laugh out loud. What an adorable, beautiful, happy, and oh yeah impossibly gorgeous baby you've got.

I love those blue eyes!

Now you're just rubbing it in...

Yeah he sure is beautiful. And looks to be such a happy baby too!

Face it. You make beautiful people.

Maybe you should start a business of some sort.

YES, he is impossibly cute and chunky wristed. And no offense to Chris, but he looks like you too, did you make these babies all by your lonesome? I am still trying to see Chris in him....well, maybe the nose, a leetle????

oh sweet buttery jesus... those eyes!! they glow...
oh and yes he is gorgeous :)

It isn't just because he is your kid - he is GORGEOUS!

You're right, it's just not possible. Stop photoshopping your kid ;)
Okay, okay, he's beautiful

Hey there,

Love the pics! what kind of camera do you use to take your photos? The pictures are always so clear and perfect!!!

Well, there is NO WAY anyone would argue with your contention! Look at that FACE!

Impossibly gorgeous, absolutely. Now if you could just get one of him smiling ... :)

They're so perfect. Like little artists renderings of perfect children. I think next week we may need a mud pie edition so the rest of us don't begin to feel inferior. ;)

Absolutely he is impossibly gorgeous :)

Up till now ... I've thought your children where cute...(which clearly they are!) but that was where it stopped.... until now... when you actually made me feel.... broody!! .... *shudders*.....

Ohh no doubt about it Beth... I agree..It's a paradox. Your kid IS impossibly gorgeous!

You are so right.

You guys need to commercialize your genepool.

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