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Poor Me

Hey! You know how I spent last night? Lying awake in Mia's bed while she kicked and punched and head butted me, mostly to make sure I was still there, occasionally sneaking out to nurse Owen for a few minutes before Mia realized I was gone and started screaming again. I got 15 minutes of sleep, from 11:15 to 11:30, which was when Owen started fussing. He finally calmed down at 12:30, which was just when Mia started screaming her head off. It was a lot of fun, you should have been there. No, seriously, you should have, because then I could have made you read Mia a story or something at 3 AM when both of my arms had fallen asleep from cramming myself into a twin bed with a spastic toddler.

Tonight, I'm kicking Chris out and taking both kids to bed with me. Sure, it will just mean getting kicked from both sides all night, but at least I'll have more room to try to escape.

So hey, cheer me up and tell me about your worst ever night of parenting. Misery loves company, you know? I will have to say that mine was a couple of days before Mia's second Christmas when I had the stomach flu, spent eight hours throwing up, finally hauled myself out of bed at 2 AM to check on Mia only to discover that she also had the stomach flu and spent the rest of the night rocking her while she barfed on me. Good times, good times.

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Ah Beth - I feel your pain. My worst night ever? Pretty much every night after I (finally) get my daughter to bed. It's a battle up to that point. If you really want to feel better about your night, you can read about my daily battles with her. I just posted about a bit of it on my blog.

My SIL told me about a time when both her and my youngest nephew had the flu. She was in the bathroom with him. He was sitting on the toilet doing you know what and puked all over himself and her. So she took him off the toilet, stripped him down and bent him over the toilet. Which, of course means he then pooped all over her. They both spent the rest of the evening naked in the bathtub.

When both kids had rotovirus.

No explanation necessary.

I had been drinkinh heavily, I believe it was my birthday, and my little Snard, then 3ish, climbed into bed with me. I was finally starting to drift off in my spinning bed when the dear little angle rolled over and kicked me square in the belly. I managed to make it to the bathroom before I barfed, but just bearly.

Mine was also a night of vomiting. My husband and I took turns holding Piper in the bathroom all night long.

The kids are typically OK at night, but something must have been in the air - we were up and down all night with R last night. I think teething. Then we brought him to our bed, in which he decided to sit, smile and clap. At 3 a.m. Fun times and no it is not cute to see that at 3 a.m. I don't care how beautiful and sweet he is!

ummm...this one's daughter was sick with an ear infection and such...and one night I got her ready for bed including a bath (which was #1 of the night) and put her down. She woke up covered in vomit screaming in her crib, I went in a got her, fever and all, stripped her down, put her in the tub (bath #2) to which she let out blood curdling screams so I stripped and then proceeded to jump in the tub with her to settle her down. I then finally got out of the tub, she was cleaned up, put back in new jammies and then I settled her into bed with us with layers upon layers of towels underneath us in case she puked again and ya know what? she did! all over both f us so we both got back in the tub and hubbie stripped the bed and remade it at about 2:30 A.M. not a fun evening by any stretch of the imagination.

i just took her to the dr yesterday...apparently she has an ear infection, a yeast infection and a viral infection that is causing a terrible rash all over her body. needless to say she's now on the same antibiotics she was on during the above incident and I am not looking forward to the puke and diarrhea at i'm praying it to stay away!!! oh and if that's not bad enough the antibiotic will cause her yeast infection to get worse before it can get better. she's on an antibiotic, nystatin for the yeast infection and another ointment of some sort for some of the rash that became open type sores.

I'm with GS Sarah, only it was three kids and me with rota virus on vacation 1500 miles from home.

My worst night. Hm. Okay, it was when my firstborn was a toddler and got a barfing/diarrhea stomach bug. I had to give him four baths in one night, with total change of crib bedding each time. And I was pregnant and queasy and exhausted.

But a close second is the second night after my twins were born, when I was hobbling around after my c-section, and they took turns crying/nursing the entire night, and I got literally no sleep, and at least one baby was crying the entire time. I was looking at the clock more and more incredulously. At 2:00 I still thought I would SOMETIME go to sleep. Then it was 4:00. Then it was 7:00. Then a nurse came in and taught me to tandem-nurse.

My worst night? The one with the colicy baby, in a town house that was way to small... I walked the carpet bare every night for about 3 weeks. the only way she would sleep was in the stroller while being pushed. Me? no sleep... I was pretty delusional for that time frame.

By the far the week Matthew had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease followed closely by the Stomach flu and Croup nights. Why do heinous illnesses always seem to happen at night???

What happened to Chris getting up w/ Mia and you getting up w/ the baby? Sounded fair to me.

I've head a few-

Michael's first night home from the hospital where he screamed the whole time and refused to nurse.

When he was three weeks old and screamed the whole night for inexplainable reasons and the next night I HAD to go to a function w/ my in-laws. Fun.

But the worst had to be the night we spent in the hospital. we was on a heart monitor that came loose everytime he moved and an iv he tugged at. And nurses were walking in every hour and waking him up. Both of us got about 8 minutes of sleep.

yep, been there!

Because I have high-risk tendencies during my pregnancies, my husband took over night duty with our son while I was pregnant - man was that nice.
Anyhow, yep, I'd be taking over the bed too.

Number one, I have to say that your truthfulness about Mia's sleep habits is quite refreshing. Everyone I know in real life apparently has kids who sleep perfectly through the night, every night. I am convinced that they are lying or that the parents develop nighttime deafness and don't realize the kids are awake. I have told myself on more than one occasion, "but Mia didn't sleep through the night at this age!" when I am wondering what I've done wrong to not have a sleeper like those people. So thanks. Misery loves company.

Last night, my husband had to work all night. The Boy was up ALL NIGHT LONG it seemed, and I was the only one to deal with it. It turned out, he was only able to sleep with his body basically glued to mine, and even so he spent the hours of 3-5 am demonstrating his new crawling skills all over the bed and all over me. My poor husband really heard about it when he got home this morning.

I've had a few bad nights, but how about the night before last.

We were in a hotel and Little Dude was having none of this sleeping in the port-a-crib thing. He screamed until 11 pm, when I finally was able to stealthily place him in the crib, so I could wash my face, brush my teeth, use the bathroom and sneak into bed by midnight.

Don't worry - not much sleep was to be had, as he woke me screaming just before 4 am, when he realized he was in that horrid port-a-crib, so I tucked him in with me in the spare bed after changing his soaked diaper (thanks for not helping, hubby... **grumble**), only to be kicked, hit, head-butted and woken up every time he would half-lurch off to one side of the bed. I couldn't sleep as I desperately needed, since, you know, I couldn't help but picture my child falling off the bed in his sleep and cracking his skull open.

Then, he didn't nap more than an hour until 5 pm the next day. Oh yeah... Pleasant night and morning for us...

How about 2 kids sleepwalking and screaming nonstop with awful night terrors and out of control kicking and screaming for their mom even while I was holding them because they were actually asleep for weeks in a row while refusing to sleep in a crib because it looks like a cage? (twins...I think a little over 1, maybe 1 and a half?) It was awful. I remember it vividly even though these twins are going to be 8 on Monday!

Or having the above stuff go on while one of them has an asthma attack and you end up in the hospital with them, and oh yeah, your husband is out of town so you are actually in the ER with one kid who can't breathe, his twin and a 3 year old. Night from hell.

I could probably go on and on, but I won't. Instead I will be sympathetic to what you are going through and tell you that it will get easier! I'll think good thoughts for you!

Sounds tough.
Brings up a great topic. How do your readers deal w/ parental anger/frustration?

Sounds tough.
Brings up a great topic. How do your readers deal w/ parental anger/frustration?

I'm going through a similar experience right now, minus the new baby. My daughter Allie has been raising pure hell at night from her twin bed. Her newest thing is that she, 'wants rocked like a baby'. So if by chance, while in need of desperate sleep, I do give in and rock her. She then asks that I, "stand up and rock her." She wakes up all hours now, and occasionally is nice enough to pee all over me. And last night, her nightlite bulb blew, and she was all 'hell no'. except she didn't really say hell no. but you get the picture. Anyways, good luck. :)

Okay, wait, that's the EXACT night I had last night. Minus the baby, though (although my turn for this exact scenario will be coming in Sept when my second is due). My son did the same thing-had to have one hand on mommy's neck the whole night. My arms didn't fall asleep, but I did have a sore back from cramming myself into a toddler bed all night. Sigh. Maybe it's the phase of the moon or something and all will be well tonight. I sure hope so because falling asleep at work is generally frowned upon...

Single parenting and colic. Bad bad mix.
And I don't have that kind of family where my mother or anybody else pops in to check on us or help out . . . ever . . . I spent about two straight weeks, if I remember correctly, basically weeping and pacing holding a screaming baby while holding it together just enough to not be a total jerk to my older son, 8 at the time. I'm not really sure how I survived that. Close second was rotovirus. Changed the bedding so many times by the end of it we slept what little we managed on the bare mattress and towels.

My kids are 13 (the girl) and 10 (the boy), and I hate to tell you this, but I can't remember my worst night of parenting. Seriously. I have no recollection of my kids being sick throughout the night. Perhaps I've blocked it all. Who knows; I was working three teaching jobs when they were babies.

Good luck, but you don't need it. You're a mom, and you'll get through it!

I'm afraid Tim reads your blog and got inspired to do the same. We took turns calming him down and hugging him. Luckily for us the whole thing took just from 1AM till 2:30.

that is why I bought both of my kdis full sized beds. For me.

Worst night... probably a toss-up between the night that our girl got sick in the middle of the night in such grand fashion that I spent the hours of 1:00am to 2:00am picking up chunks of food and using our (just bought!) carpet cleaner to clean the floor. Change of clothes, bedding, medicine, rocking, back to sleep around the time we would normally wake up.

The other night was when she was really young and we couldn't get her to fall asleep. We took turns holding her and rocking in her room, and crying ourselves, in the next room. That was pretty miserable. Luckily, someone passed along good advice and said "put her to bed when she looks sleepy". The next night she yawned at 6:30pm and we put her to bed, where she slept for 11 hours straight. We were speechless for like, an hour, sitting at the kitchen table... not knowing what to do with ourselves until she woke up.

My worst night probably involved multiple barfings. Or the night immediately after that one which involved multiple barfings from the other child. Or maybe that trip to the emergency room, that sucked.

Hey, Recently Pregnant One: got any recommendations for maternity clothes that don't suck? I've got a wedding to go to in a few months.

We moved to a new house and it was trauma for my 6 and three year olds. They reverted to sleeping with us in a queen size water bed. Then we had a new baby. So we ended up with mom, dad, chunky toddler, skinny kid and fat baby all in a bed. All wanting to touch mom all night. (ok maybe not dad) I decided the couch was the perfect place for me. I snuck in there leaving them all behind. My husband woke up and decided he had enough. he banished them all to their rooms/beds, even fat baby.

My worst night sounds a lot like yours. Only, add being 8 months pregnant to that. Fun, FUN!

Do they all involve vomit? I'm guessing most...

Dillon was 8 months old. Both of us throwing up all night long. Him into towel after towel, and me with no dryer. I had to go tot he laundromat the next day to wash them. Not. Fun.


It could have been 3 weeks ago when my phone rang at 2:30am, my mom on the other end, to tell me that D had been arrested. That sucked too.

2&1/2 year old Em and 8 month old Cal, me in the middle. Hubby exiled to the far edge of our queen bed. PUKE. Massive amounts suddenly spewing from Em and Cal catching on. Puke for days. 3:00 a.m.

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