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Mia Monday #121: Stealth Broom Edition

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Is it warm enough to wear sandals there? I'm envious! NJ was sent back into deep-freeze mode today. Sigh. No sandal wearin' here.

Oh just precious!

Gah, Beth, she's just so darn PRETTY.

Pretty in pink. That dress is darling.

Usually I hide from the broom... not with the broom. Perhaps Mia is working under the "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" idea?

Too adorable. :)

i get dressed up in my best to sweep the kitchen too. :)

Such a beautiful daughter! I usually hide the broom so I don't have to sweep, not hide behind it.

She is just SO blonde now- were either of you blonde children?

what a cutie

Love the name. My name is Heidi & I always loved that it was normal but not common. I tried the same with my own kids. Morgan & Cooper. There are still others out there, but not 4 in each class.

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