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Hey, remember back when I casually mentioned my miserable fucking dyshidrosis and like 80 of you popped up to say that you got it too? And remember further that since I am currently serving as a 24-hour dairy bar I was denied access to any good drugs? (They recommended over the counter hydrocortisone, but I am firmly convinced that over the counter hydrocortisone is nothing but a well-marketed placebo meant to dissuade the general public from asking for the good drugs, because it has never done jack-all for me.) Well, since the itching in my hands was causing me to lose the will to live and since it had been five solid months of it getting progressively worse without a single hour of reprieve, I started searching the internet for crackpot cures. Dangerous, possibly, but less so than do-it-yourself at-home double hand amputation.

And you know what? I found something that seems to be working. Hydrogen peroxide. Apparently some people use the hardcore stuff from pool supply stores, but I have just been using the regular old 3% junk from the local grocery store applied for a few minutes a day with a gauze pad, and while my hands are still disgusting, they are disgusting in a different and far less itchy way and it is beginning to seem possible that I may make it through this with actual skin remaining on my northern extremities.

It isn't fun, mind you, and if you are inclined to try it may I recommend that you first lay in a large supply of chocolate or cookies or chocolate and cookies to reward yourself for surviving the briefly increased itching (and by "increased" I mean it is so bad that you will think everything down to and including your intestines are itching). Also, it stings like a bitch. Hot water helps with both though. But after that, at least for me, it feels better. And then it gets all nasty and dry and peely and shit, but I am thinking that is a good thing.

There. Never say I never did anything for you.

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Weird, I totally think I have that mildly. It sucks.

That sounds so awful!
First, Jack Newman - a doctor and breastfeeding guru wrote the book 'the Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers' and has a whole chapter dedicated to BF and medication, which doesn't always end up in Breast Milk. Maybe you can investigate and chat with your doctor - or even him, he has clinics for BF.

Second, sometimes the chemicals in soaps and shampoos can aggravate skin conditions like this. I make home made soap which is extremely gentle on the skin (I use it on my babies). I'd be happy to give you a bar if you're interested.

Have you ever had badly chapped lips where the corners get crusty and painful? Hydrogen peroxide works gangbusters for that too. My mother told me that long ago when I had crusty chapped lips, and a friend of mine who had chapped lips with crusty corners applied the H202 for a couple of days with a q-tip - and bam - no more crusty corners! That stuff is miraculous.

I am SO with you on the OTC hydrocortisone cream. BOO HISS. I am happy this is working for you!!

I am filing this information away.

I don't know (remember) if anyone suggested the Wheatgrass stuff. It totally took care of the molluscum stuff my oldest daughter had. The doctor told us that there was nothing that would work - they either grow out of it, or if it is troublesome they could burn it off. Yikes. So we tried it - and it worked within a week or two. Haven't had it since. I use it for all kinds of skin problems now...

um, yeah, kinda glad i haven't had lunch yet.. ;)

Oh my- I had this after I had my first baby- I think it was triggered by the excessive hand washing, Purell-using, and baby wipes use. I started using disposable latex gloves (costco has them at a very reasonable price...) at diaper change time, and it really helped clear up the skin on my hands in a few weeks!!

I'm expecting another baby in 5 weeks and really hope it does not come back.....better stock up on those gloves again!!


I have it too. It is maddening. I have never found anything to get rid of it. Mine is always worse as soon as the weather gets warmer.

bleach works too. i swear. try 3 parts water to 1 part bleach and then soak your hands in it.

YES! Peroxide is my cure-all! I'm glad you are feeling (somewhat) better. I just read Chris' post and it seems that you have better luck with medical information from the internet that he is having! Maybe you should put some peroxide on his arm???

The active ingredient in OTC hydrocortisone is probably hobo semen.

ooooooo... bubbly.... thanks for the hint. Someone just told me they were successfully using h.p. on their acne but it never occurred to me to try it on my hands (which are breaking out right now)

My daughter once had poison ivy so made it looked like she was a burn victim. I got regular old tea bags wet and placed them on her rashes. It took the sting away and within a few days it was completly gone. You might try that for a less stingy solution. Also, good for burns, equal parts baking soda and water. Fyi

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