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Things that amuse me

I spent dinner last night teaching Mia to say "Daddy has herpes." It was awesome.

If you hurry, I am currently the very last mom listed on the moms page at Alltop. I'm not all that giddy about being listed there, but it does entertain me to be dead last. Do you think I could request that I always be in that position?

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congrats on the mention. last is more notable than lost somewhere in the middle anyway... and i can't wait until mia repeats that phrase when she's at, say, Target with her daddy.

Ha ha! That page crashed my browser. Win.

I once taught my 3 year olds to say BUSH SUCKS. It was awesome, and the only thing that made me smile after that awful, awful election day in 04. =)

i held that coveted last spot on alltop for a LONG time. way to steal my thunder there, Beth! :)

I can't wait until my kid can speak so I can teach him to say things like this to.

It's going to be so awesome.

I can't wait until my kid can speak so I can teach him to say things like this too.

It's going to be so awesome.

I posted twice.

The first time I'm commenting here.

Way to introduce myself. Now I feel like an asshole.

And now there's three comments from me.

I'm supercool.

I want to be listed there, maybe then I'd get a damn reader!

If he had The Clap you could teach Mia a whole dance routine!!

Maybe you should anyhow.


Maybe alltop is punsihing you BECAUSE you are teaching your kids to say their Dad has herpes.

Technically, there is no coveted "last spot" now because people can hide any feed they don't want to see by clicking on the "x"



Now I don't feel so bad that I taught my 2 year old to say 'Nice Butt Crack Daddy.' to my DH as he was bent over.
And oh, the moms page crashed my browser as well. Sweet!

do you have video for us on this :)

I'm almost dead last in the humor section. the only thing behind me is a fucking a site for jokes of the day, that i'm sure they jokes about brocolli or carpet or something stupid. Maybe I should join this getting kicked off of alltop movement.

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