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(Photoshopping courtesy of Chris, because I wanted black and white but thought it was a crime to lose those eyes.)

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That's such a gorgeous photo!
Pol x

He gets cuter in every photo! You have beautiful children.

Oh my ever loving God, he is the cutest thing since, since.....Mia!

Great photo!!!

My uterus just skipped a beat!

Holy Crap, Could he be any CUTER??

Future Ladies Man.

gosh, if he can get any cuter there I'll eat my hat! Wait - what's that barely glimsped over his shoulder? Is that naked baby butt?!
:::sounds of hat munching:::

Aawww. Chubbers! Makes me miss my niece :(

What beautiful eyes! And general cuteness, of course. I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks! Lucky for you I am on the other side of the country. :)

you two make some cute, cute babies :)


I want to nibble his neck. What a cutie! And those friend's second has stunning blue eyes as well, which was quite a shock since his brother has his mom's deep deep brown eyes.

What a beautiful photo. He's too adorable for words.

That's a fantastic pic! He is just too adorable for words. :D

He is absolutely ADORABLE! You should enter this pic in some kind of cute-babies/photo-of-the-year contest.

Beautiful, beautiful boy!

Stunning wee one you have there. :-)

This is a "take your breath away" photo.

What a great shot! I'm a sucker for blue eyes. Both my sons had beautiful blue eyes. Mine are hazel - or nearly brown. Not very exciting.

Oh, god.

It's killing me.
Honestly, killing me.

It's almost a crime you two only have two children.

That is absolutely beautiful!!! It's one to get blown up and put into the photo hall of fame!

what, no rosy cheeks? ;)

seriously. cutest baby. look at those arms. i just want to munch on them.

Beautiful photo. I love it :-D

that kid is too much. serious, I am on my way to the ER with bursted ovaries...

heartbreaker in the making. you guys did well :) such a beautiful family!

Such a gorgeous picture. You did right by keeping the eyes :). * note thats surely an illegal amount of
Broodyness your causing? Lol

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