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From the French

Mia's latest version of Frere Jacques:

Frere Yaka, Frere Yaka
Dormez you? Dormez you?
Owen has a penis, Owen has a penis
Ding dang dong, Ding dang dong.

Comments (29)

I think I wet my pants laughing at this one. Either it is very funny or I am very tired. Have a great weekend.

Coffee spitting laugh...thank you!

Classic! Has to be one for the video camera!!

That kid is seriously talented, because those are totally the words in French!

I just inhaled diet coke into my lungs and nearly died laughing.

Trying not to get fired for laughing too loud at work!!! You MUST record this!!!

Oh this is such a good one. Easy to see she has Chris's sense of the bizarre!


Ahhh, oh Beth! Get that on TAPE!!!

Like Kate, I choked on Diet Coke. That Mia has a gift for poetry.

HEE! She just gets better and better, doesn't she?

She's got the meter right and everything. I'm impressed!

Yes, yes, yes, penises DO go quite nicely with anything french.

Those wacky French.

Now that, that is exactly why I want a child! (Well, that, and a million other reasons, but oh heavens, I am still laughing!)


Not kidding. Sharing too much but not kidding...I laughed so hard I tooted.

Save that one for her first public recital.

Comedy genius that kid! I love it!

Oh I like her version much better

mia is the smartest little bean there could be.
she is also the most awesome :)

Ohh I just laughed unbecomingly loud! ;) That's hilarious. Video? :D

Between this post and yesterday's "tranny" you've given me the laughs I so very much needed. Thank you! And Mia too!

LOL Thats hilarious! I demand to see footage of this!!

That's too cute! My kids would make something like that up on purpose just so they could say it over and over again to drive me insane!

i love it! kids are cute. haha

lyrical genius. She'll be a billionare song writer soon and be able to keep you and Chris in the style to which you'll quickly become accustomed!

LOVE it. You know how certain songs get stuck in your head sometimes? Well...that might be ingrained for a while. Too funny.


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