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Owen laughed last night. We've had some giggles before, but this was his first undeniable peal of laughter. It sounded like a lunatic seal choking on a kazoo. I nearly dropped the baby several times because I was cracking up at his ridiculous amazing laugh.

It just about makes your head explode, doesn't it? Hearing your baby laugh?

I told Mia about it and said that if she did something funny he might laugh for her too, so she's been telling him knock knock jokes all morning.

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I so want to hear baby laughter. If one of Mia's jokes result in laughter, will you share the joke with us?

Is she doing both parts of the knock-knock jokes? 'Cuz that cracks me up when my son does that. Talk about belly laughs.

We wanna hear him laugh!

knock knock jokes! *snort!* that kid cracks me up. :) there is nothing better than the first belly laughs, I so agree. I still have an mp3 of my son's first, when he was 4 months or so. guaranteed to induce tears in my eyes, 9 years later.

knock knock jokes - that's too funny!

Well? Where's the video? I knew it! Us youngest children just don't get the pictures or video's done the way our older sibs do! (LOL!)

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Butch & Jimmy
Butch & Jimmy who?
Butch yer arms around me & Jimmy a lil' kiss!

Maggie's favorite knock knock joke.

Those first laughs are the best. At almost 3 the boy child cracks himself up, and it is still great to hear his laugh

I demand video ;)

There's nother better then hearing your child laugh. I have a voice mail message of my 2 year old and I listen to it quite often to cheer myself up.

The knock knock jokes part kills me. (And go read my post for today).

One of the family's favourite knock-knock jokes:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Boo who?
Don't cry, it's just a joke.

My two-year old tries to tell it but he can't say the last line, so it sounds like "mutter mutter joke". I still love it.

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