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Just your average Thursday

  • I was sitting in the playroom with Mia after lunch and suddenly developed an absolutely splitting headache. I sat for several minutes and marveled at how such an intensely painful headache could come on so quickly, and then remembered that I was wearing this toddler-sized accessory on my great big melon head.

    Attractive, certainly, but not worth the pain.

  • Mia remarks several times a week that Mommy has a great big melon head. So glad I taught her that one.

  • Mia can't quite pronounce "tiara," so when referencing the bit of headgear pictured above she talks about her "tranny." And that, frankly, is one of the things that makes parenthood worth it.

  • Owen had his four month checkup today and obliterated ("tipped" doesn't seem to cut it) the scales at 19 lbs. 2.5 oz. and is 27 inches long. I find this incredibly rude, since he is definitely going to pass the 20 pound infant seat limit long before Mia hits the 30 pound booster seat limit. Can anybody recommend a good convertible booster seat? One of those that starts as a 5-point harness and then the top pops off and it is a booster? (This would be for Mia, not Owen, am not an idiot. Well, am sometimes not an idiot.)

  • I find it a bit disconcerting to discuss my breasts with the Hotty Pediatrician. Functionality thereof only, mind you, but still. Odd since I happily discuss my breasts at great length with the entire internet.

  • Hot damn but I can't type today.

  • Up until yesterday, my all-time favorite sweet [adjective] [religious figure] construction was my friend Laura's "Sweet fancy Moses." Ah, but then the lovely stinkerbell popped up with "Sweet buttery Jesus," and that immediately took over the top spot.

  • Words you never want to hear wafting gently from the monitor during quiet time: "Mommy, there's poop on my bed!" If anybody needs me, I'll be doing laundry.

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Let me guess, potty training? Ain't it just the bees knees. I keep threatening to start throwing away any princess (unfortunatly she is well into the hype despite my efforts to stear her away from the princesses) panties which have poop in them. I think she has me figured out though because I have yet to throw any away due to the fact I just keep thinking how much it will cost to replace them in a few weeks so there I am still cleaning poop out of princess panties. Good luck with the laundry.

Dawn, that's funny. Just this past weekend, I told my son that I wasn't going to clean poop out of his Thomas underwear anymore. Knock wood, but it's been a poop free 3 days.

I got to a tipping point that it wasn't worth the $2 for a new pair to save them.

That's right up there with "Ew, Mom there's poop in the bathtub. But I threw some of it out"

Your entire post had be cracking up!

->Dawn, I only had to throw away two Ariel panties and one Dora to drive that point home. Well worth the cost!

hahahaha I got a mention and took it over the top... LOVE IT :)
I feel honoured!! And glad to have been of service

ps... you are totally hot in a tiara (or is it tranny :))

We have the Eddie Bauer Convertible Car Seat. We got it when our almost 3yr old was born and it sits rear facing to 30lbs (I think), then forward 5pt harness and then boaster seat.

Even though we've got the where to go down now, we still have issues. I long for the day I never again hear from the bathroom "Mom! Come check my butt!" The follow through skills are tricky business. *sigh*

Our carseat is an Alpha Omega, it went from infant all the way to now as a simple booster.

Y'all make me feel like having had all boys has caused me to miss out on all kinds of tiara fun!

I don't like my Eddie Bauer one b/c it sits so high my 4yo can't buckle it. My friend just bought the SafeGuard GO, and loves it. Best of all, when she travels on a plane it folds up tiny. The website is

Sweet buttery Jesus... I never would have thought of it, but I like it. A lot.

Maybe try the Graco Safeseat, for Owen. It is an infant seat that holds up to 30 lbs rear facing. Not that you want to lug around a 30 lb kid, unless said kid is still a baby and then by golly it sure is nice to have those infant seats for when the fall asleep in the car etc.

I have a friend who just purchased one when her daughter outgrew her regular infant seat at 5 months. She had the same problem with her older child still needing the convertable one, and she loves this.

This is what we have:

It starts at 22 lbs as a 5 point restraint and the booster will go up to 100 lbs which I suspect will put my oldest in it until she is 16ish. I still have my 6.5 year old in the 5 point restraint.

Britax are best I think but we needed two at once and these seemed comparable. Plus, dude, cup holder!

Trannys always give me a headache too.

My Grandma told me that my Dad was the WORST of all her kids to potty train. They were using cloth diapers back then. She finally got fed up and told him that if he couldn't go in the bathroom she would give him a bucket, some soap and a hose so he could start washing his own diaper. It only took ONE time and he never looked back. Talk about motivation!

Sweet buttery Jesus?

How about Big Butter Jesus

If there were a contest for best breast-feeder you should enter because you have that gold medal in the bag! Your kid is huge. Adorable and huge.

But you look so pretty!

Um, my almost 8 year old was only 40 lbs. at the pediatrician today.

sweet buttery jesus but tranny fits you well! ;)

and dude, Owen? weighs almost as much as my 2 y/o - you got one healthy boy there! (or perhaps I just have smidgets for children...)

I feel ya on the poop too, they should come out potty trained I say!

gah! i love this post! the tranny! the poop in the bed! the giant Owen! the sweet buttery jesus! this is why i love you, Beth!

But it's a beautiful tranny. Hope you got the poop out ok.

We'll have that car seat challenge too. Never really thought of it (I am way less organized than you).

The tranny look good on you!

Monkey says "Monkey sit on anus" when he wants so sit on the kitchen counter (which doesn't make sense in your language, but in Dutch it does, I promise :)

We are looking for one of those convertible car seat to boosters right now as well, as our son will be 2 1/2 when the baby about to be born outgrows her infant seat. So far, I have found the Britax Frontier (which just came out in the last couple of weeks) and the Graco Nautilus (which was introduced in January). We are leaning toward the Graco because from what I can tell, they are basically the same but the Britax has more bells and whistles. The Britax retails for $280 and the Graco for $150. Since I need two of them, that is $260 difference. They both go from a 5-point harness to a booster with back to a backless booster. I am coming from a Britax Roundabout, which I have absolutely loved for the past two years.

Also - I have big babies too. My son was 16 pounds at his 2 month and 22 pounds at his 4 month. Now he is almost two and 29 pounds. He thinned out when he started walking. I love those smooshy big babies.

You're cute in a tiara!

Wow. Have you thought about pumping your milk for someone like GNC so that bodybuilders can bulk up? They'll do anything and pay any amount, you know.

Also, I'm partial to Christ on a Cracker.

Excellent choice of verb - wafting. look cute.

Go for the Britax someone linked or the Graco Nautilus.

Hey, if anybody ever asks you, "umm... are you a hot mom?" you say, "Yes!"

Because you are.

new here thanks to dawn:
boy he is big! must be so cute!
we had the same problem with our 2 kids...little boy was bigger and needed his sister's old car seat so i compromised with my daughter's height vs weight...she was not the correct poundage (if that is a word) she still is not 30 lbs thanks to the stomach bug she suffered after her 4th bday last week however she is tall so she has been in a booster with a high back for some time now. it keeps her safe and the pediatrician and the police dept approved, she moved into it at 3 1/2...i do not know how old or big your darling daughter is but just wanted to share my experience.

Catching up from being on vacation!

Just wanted to add that it is HEIGHT not weight that's important for booster seats. Many kids are nowhere near ready to sit in a booster seat when they reach 30 lbs, and the recommendation is that they be in a booster seat at no age younger than 4.

Go with one of the convertibles that has a 5-pt up to 65 lbs. There are quite a few of them out now (Graco Nautilus, Safety First Apex, and Britax Regent) and she should hopefully be able to stay in the harness for many more years.

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