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Mia Monday #125: Blackout Edition

Mia spent dinner last night reading the condiments to us. Not the words, just the letters, but it was still a talent we didn't know she possessed. Now she can't be stopped and I have spent the entire morning finding capital letters for her to read.

These are from last week's blackout, excuse the blurriness but there were tornadoes threatening us so I didn't have much time to concern myself with lighting.

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So cute! Flashlights are fun! lol

Adorable. I think she needs a few more flashlights.

Can you give her a book and ask her to find the capital letters?

You mean your fridge isn't covered in alphabet magnets??!! I thought it was a requirement for all parents.

(My kid's almost 9 and we still have them... except now we spell words not just recognize the letters, we're past that part.)

Oh look at how beautiful she is! Those wonderful chubby cheeks and long curling hair. Lovely. Hey, I like your sofa too. I've been furniture shopping lately and haven't seen anything I liked.

She looks so much like you in these pics!

I always look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays because Mia and Owen cheer me up so much :)

What I want to know is, how do you keep that table clean? There isn't a bit of clutter in any of those pictures. My pictures end up more like a game of "Where's Waldo" - find the kid in all the crap!

Urm, delurking here. Fantastic use of flashlights ( Mia looks like she's having a blast!)--my daughter thinks flashlights are pretty cool herself. She's not quite to reading the ketchup yet, though. And we have the same couch. I love it dearly.

I'm soooo digging that coffee table! Is it antique? Pine? It's really beautiful.

I heard ya'll had a huge storm last week. Glad to see you made it through okay. At least you know which flashlights work!

Well it looks like she's having fun, anyway! :)

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