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Mia Monday #126: Paint Edition

How we spent the morning.

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Ya know in 20 years when Mia finds out you put these pictures of her on the internet for the world to see, she's gonna kill you.
But we enjoy them and she is so gosh darn cute, so oh well.

Nah, in twenty years she'll be okay with it - it's in 12 or so that you really have to worry about ;)
She is so cute! And so pretty, too.

is it okay that i just want to smush her?
she's so cute!

I love how un-self-conscious small children are. She's so serious about her ahhhrt, she couldn't care less that she's not wearing any clothes.

What a little worker she is! And cute too!

SO cute. covered in paint is a good look for her lol

and the last pic is my fave, with her tongue sticking out - she's concentrating so hard! :D

I swear to god if I could get away with sitting outside in just my underwear painting I would so do it. Every. Single. Day.

That's basically how I spent my weekend, as well. Including the diaper.

Ahhh... The Tongue of Concentration. A VERY important artist's tool.

She is just so smooshable.

Lovely! We are "serious painters" in our home, too. For Father's Day, my little guy painted some birdhouses for his dad and grandfathers....they were pretty awesome. We use a divided plate (cheapo kid's plastic one that cost something like a buck) for a palette. Less mess/waste, easy clean up.

Sooo precious!!! :)

What? You don't normally paint baskets in nothing but your diaper????

She is gorgeous!

She's beautiful.

That's a great project idea. I love it!

Smart Beth... kid's naked, hair pulled back, just let 'er go instead of trying to control every aspect of it, like I did.

Wow brilliant idea of giving her a basket to paint! We were running out of paper in our house, including newspapers, for ours to paint on, so we resorted to rock painting the back yard.

I am so totally going to buy a heap of baskets at salvos and let my daughter go wild. Awesome idea!!!

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